capretto calabrese ,baby goat calabrian style

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Jul 26, 2011
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Nose to tail has become a great "catch all" section. Great to see the gumbo kings posting in here.

This has no smoked component so its going in here too.

This is how I first ate baby goat years ago. I beat a nonna to a leg in the markdown section a while ago.Put it in the freezer. Normally I would buy a mixture of bits on the bone,rib,loin,shoulder but I will just take it off the bone.

Its defrosting now I will do it tomorrow. Its a casserole dish,lots of tomato,basil,wine,garlic,onions,carrot celery,chicken stock.

The sauce would go on some pasta for starter,then the meat served with potato & greens for main.
I love goat, especially when braised, although I've had baby goat BBQ'd on a spit before and that was fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

I'm surprised that nonna let you walk away with the leg. You must have a charming smile, or something. :biggrin:
I speak Italian ,very badly, I think she thought I was a bit simple 
 & figured she would have to go to confession if she took advantage of me.
I am not sure whether I said I want that goat or I like goats or goats like me.
Either way she let me have the leg & she took the shoulder.

I will bone it out,chunk it then marinate it in white wine & bits,then dry it ,sear it then slow cook it in sauce.
Very exciting!!!

I LOVE "old goats," but that's a different subject altogether, (smiles), and so back to food: I also love goat cheeses - particularly "Nevat" from Spain - and then of course I love the meat as well!

I'm sure YOUR version will be just out of this world and beyond amazing!!!! Looking forward to it!

Cheers! - Leah
Thats the leg.It had been cut on the saw to open it up so I just broke it up into those bits.Marinade is just garlic,salt ,cbp,EVO,white wine,rosemary  & thyme.

I have a bit of prosciutto that I will chop,fry with celery carrot & onion.Then sear goat pieces then put it all in.then build sauce of that,put it in a low oven.

OK I just browned goat it in EVO. Cut up celery,carrot,onion butt end bit of prosciutto fried that in EVO,put marinade,chicken stock,can to tomato & good slug of tomato sugo.Back in with goat bit more garlic.I couldn't find basil yesterday ,sold out so I had to use stuff out of the tube.

Thats all in,low & slow from here.
Stuck this in the oven went about some yard work. 

Ultimately it turned out really well.

Bear view

I have posted a fair few goat dishes in my time here.I did a jerk goat,a rubbed goat,then 3 different curries Jamaican ,Sri Lankan & Fijian.Just to show how 3 different far apart countries made a curry out of the same meat but different.

This how I started cooking young goat way back.Its how its done in my 'hood,Little Italy.Its not the most complex of recipes,its good honest home cooking ,regional & seasonal. Young male goat had to be eaten, only enough feed for milking goats that gave you a cheese business.

It was first & second course,some home made pasta would be dressed with the sauce ,a sprinkle of pecorino,then the meat as main course. I had some home grown & smoked chilli in some EVO on the side because the Calabrese like chilli.

It was tender,lovely flavour ,moist not to much tomato,sweet ,whole leg was a bit shy of 2 kg so it was young.

Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed cooking it. It took me back a bit but I  suppose cooking can do that to you.
Mick this is fantastic!!! The raw goat pieces looked so good even, and now the finished art is just GORGEOUS! 

The combo, with the potato, looks so INCREDIBLE I could smell it through the screen and imagine cutting into it! Beautiful job!!! What a truly beautiful dinner!!

Cheers! - Leah
About 20 years ago I cooked this for my late father.He had never eaten baby goat before but was an open minded eater.He loved it. 

He got the home cooked tradition that went with it. Thats the thing about cooking its a great connecter. 
Great classic-looking braised dish, Mick. I also loved that nice dark-red color on the fresh goat. Love that you served it with baked or microwaved yam...looks like you are sticking with your Paleo-style diet with the new girlfriend too. Good on ya!

Pretty funny, but our dinner last night looked almost identical to yours, except I braised turkey legs instead of goat. Otherwise, same braising process and we even had the microwaved yam too. I love how the same basic process can be used on any tough collagenous cut: shank, leg, neck, tail, etc. Great cooking method, probably my favorite.

But OK, tell me what is in the side salad? Looks like spinach and potato chips?
Lebanese flat bread broken up & fried in EVO .Had leftover bread from take away from local Lebanese . I dress salad first then put that on top ,great contrast in texture.
On the bus to work now! It's just regular salad mix,the flat bread idea I got from a salad called fatoush . I need help with greens.
Best thing about braising is leftovers I will get 2 dinners out of it,week nights when I don't have time to cook.
Goat is so lean to start with,braises suit it. And curry!
Absolutely beautiful job!!

Looks a little similar to my favorite lamb shank preparation.

I assume all was at a simmer when you covered and placed in the oven.

Would you care to share your oven temp and time?

Good luck and good smoking.
Absolutely beautiful job!!

Looks a little similar to my favorite lamb shank preparation.

I assume all was at a simmer when you covered and placed in the oven.

Would you care to share your oven temp and time?

Good luck and good smoking.
Simmered it stove top about an hour max,oven about the same ,maybe a little less. Bumped white wine,chicken stock. When the shank piece came off bone I pulled it. Plated the 2 smallest pieces. Normally I get a range of bits all on the bone & smaller,so I had to go by feel.Situation normal. May have to cook it a bit longer tonight .
Gotcha Michael.

Very close to mine.

For lamb shanks.  I brown them and remove.  Do the veges, make the sauce and bring to a simmer in the dutch oven.  Add the shanks and bring back to the simmer.  Then cover and into the oven at 325 to 350 F.  About 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Lamb is at the "fall of the bone" point.  We are generous with our garlic.

I also use this sauce for brisket when I don't smoke it.  For brisket, I do the same, except that I make a double batch of the sauce.  Pull out about half the sauce and reserve.  Browned brisket into the dutch oven with sauce and into the oven for about 2 hours.  Pull and add additional sauce as needed and  turning the meat. (The amount of sauce I use for lamb shanks will not be enough for the longer braise.)  Then back into the oven for 2 1/2 hours.

I love a good braise!

Great post and a beautiful meal you made!
Way down south we call them sweet potato,3 kinds. Orange ,white & a purple. Or kumera which is the Moari word for them. Good eating. Very South Pacific Islands veg. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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