Canadian Bacon

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Dec 27, 2015
Southwest Minnesota
things have been crazy busy and just haven't been able to post. have a few projects that I got done and one was to do some Canadian bacon. the method i used was from the member Sqwib and his 10-10-10 method with pork loins. I didn't have 10 lbs to start with so adjusted the amounts for what I had. started the curing process on 1-19-23 and did the smoking on 2-5-23. used hickory pellets in my camp chef.

going to be lots of pictures, and I apologize that i don't take good notes and forget some of the things that I did. I did do 2 of them with a glaze put on during the smoking. the glaze had brown sugar, honey, and garlic powder. to be honest, I really couldn't taste the glaze difference after the smoking was done.

the flavor was very good! and I gave most of it away to family and friends to get their opinions for making this in the future. everyone loved it!! so it is now on the list of things I have to remake as everyone wanted more! what i kept for us, we used on a pizza, which looking now, I could not find the pictures for that.

sqwib's method works great, and my thanks to him for posting it so i could give it a try! thanks for looking!

IMG_20230119_122304284.jpg IMG_20230119_123427755.jpg IMG_20230119_125216277.jpg IMG_20230204_170358067.jpg IMG_20230204_170404656.jpg IMG_20230204_181750493.jpg IMG_20230204_182814690.jpg IMG_20230205_100617008.jpg IMG_20230205_100900654.jpg IMG_20230205_113626695_HDR.jpg IMG_20230205_150146378.jpg IMG_20230210_121154720.jpg IMG_20230210_122318648.jpg
Wow that looks good bern, Nice job

Point for sure
Looks great tbern and nice of you to share, posting my address at the bottom, lol

I love doing Canadian Bacon or as we in the north call it Back Bacon

I have to set a couple more into the cure as I am out now.

Looks great . Next time if you have enough save one ( unsliced ) and double smoke it at a later date .
Makes a great knife and fork meal .
Nice work .
Looks great. Sqwib was a great guy, wish he was still around is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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