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Can you warm smoke with an electric smoker?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by Armyguy2004, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Armyguy2004

    Armyguy2004 Fire Starter

    i am very new to smoking, so this might seem a bit stupid.
    I’m trying to smoke some sausages, and my smoker, a glass door Chinese made electric smoker, won’t give me any smoke below 90c.

    I smoke the sausages from 50c to 70c, so,if it goes above 90c, it’s screwed.

    Could anyone educate me about this?
    So far, I use charcoal in the smoke box, but the smoke it generates is too little...
  2. bregent

    bregent Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Well not all electric smokers are created equal. Some can get as low as 100F (37C). If yours wont get lower than 90c, then that's a problem for sausage. I've smoked sausage on my pellet grill which only gets to 180F (82c), but I have to watch it carefully. Maybe you could leave the door cracked open to lower the temp.

    I would not be using charcoal to smoke in an electric smoker. Don't you have any hardwood?
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  3. Steve H

    Steve H Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Wood chips for smoke. Perhaps a PID controller will be needed to get the temp you are looking for.
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  4. Armyguy2004

    Armyguy2004 Fire Starter

    I didn’t explain it clear, sorry about that, I mean I use wood dusts in the smoke box, then I burn a piece of charcoal on the fire, and throw it in the smoke box to light the dust, works so so...light smoke, and not steady. As of today I think it’s gone after about a hour or so....
  5. Armyguy2004

    Armyguy2004 Fire Starter

    I will search for that, thank you!
  6. if you bring cold air inside the smoker it should lower temp...pc cooling fan installed on the bottom side of the smoker will do the trick..
  7. HalfSmoked

    HalfSmoked Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You are getting some great answers but if I'm not wrong you are speaking of cold smoking.

  8. Steve H

    Steve H Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I don't think he is. But I could be wrong. But 90c is darn near 200 degrees.
  9. I think too he is talking about cold smoke...90F is 32.2C... to hot...
    50 to 70F is 10 - 21C which is good on low end (50F) and a bit to hot at high (70F) end...
  10. You should look into a pellet tube or tray. The trays can burn dust or pellets. You light them with a torch and dont have to rely on the smoker to produce the smoke. That way you can smoke at low temps and still produce the smoke you need. This is a common fix for the electrics. A-maze-n is one brand that makes them but there are also knock offs
  11. foamheart

    foamheart Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    If you have time and the inclination you can learn to use that smoker to warm smoke. I use a masterbuilt which is a chinese electric. You have to adapt, BUT its easy once you learn. There is even more that one way to achieve your purpose.

    This is 'Merica, sorry I don't do C's or M's or L's. Warm smoke IMHO is controlling a chamber temp of about 120 degrees or less. !35 to 140 is when your fat starts to render. Both ways you'll have to buy auxiliary equipment.

    I am going under the assumption you have an use a remote thermometer. If not thats your first purchase. 25 to 50.00, don't spend alot of money on one, there probes are only slightly better than the ones on your smoker. But Unless you will are going into smoking professionally or competitively you don't need graphs or talks to your phone. I use a Maverick el cheapo special and its 20 years old just buy a couple of extra probes.

    The problem with your chamber is design. it will not pull a draft at low temperature. It needs the heat to rise to exit to help it along. First and cheapest way, try adding a 3" x 3 or 4 ft long piece of PVC pipe, just grove one end to accommodate the knob on the discharge vent. the increase in length with increase the draft. Hopefully it will work.

    Another way is to buy the masterbuilt cold smoke attachment, it works excellently once you understand when and how to use it. It is also a chip burner like your unit.they are like 60 to 70 dollars depending upon when and where you bay it.

    And yet another way is to find yet another type of auxiliary smoke generator. This type uses pellets, which makes it handy so you can easily buy and experiment with different wood flavors. There are tube, trays, heck all kinds of ways. you can ever roll it up in tin foil. This site supports A-MAZE-N products which has most all the best ways to use an auxiliary pellet smoker.

    Pellet smokers are a bit more expensive, you'll need a holder, pellets and a lighter. they are an excellent warm smoker though. I have I guess all the different types of all the above, each works best at a specific application.
    The tray using pellets will have intermittent troubles with the low air flow. So you look at dust vice pellets they require less air flow. I also have learned my favorite is the big oval with will burn pellets if I leave the door on latch (cracked open). Large amount of smoke and you control the temperature.

    My box, I preheat to 275 (never trust your box's indicators) using my Maverick. Thats 30 to 45 mins. No smoke involved. Lets say I am smoking andouille, I place the andouille in the smoker all vents open wide, door on latch and for 30 mins. I dewater. This is to dry out the andouille so it will take smoke. Now I will light my oval tube and let it start outside for 30 minutes. While all this is being done I now change the probe from the chamber to a link of andouille. I drop the box temp to 150 to 180. With the door on latch you'll have to moderate the temp to find where it will run with that internal temp that you want. Its not really hard, its just not plug and play. once you learn your boxes sweet spot you'll have it under control for every time.

    I use the above procedure also when I use the Masterbuilt Cold smoker attachment. But with the cold smoke attachment you also have to learn about dry or wet wood chips. Everyone thinks its always dry chips. Well I use both, wet chips burn better, longer and provide better smoke. But that's another long explanation.

    LOL..... I know its a novel. But long ago it was all experience only and smoking was an art. Today with all the fancy electronics, the learning curve is so much shorter if you'll study it, then you'll not need all the supportive equip.

    I know you'll have more specific questions when you decide upon which trial you'll start on, they is nothing by help on these boards. If I can help justy let me know.

    You can see my vent extension, as well as the masterbuilt cold smoker attachment.


    You can see the oval laying below the grate, note the probe is still sensing the chamber temp. Probably I am transitioning from dewatering to smoking.


    Here the probe is in the andouille, maintaining at 115 to 120, with the door on latch.

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  12. Steve H

    Steve H Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Perhaps... but his thread does state 90c. Which got me wondering.

    I’m trying to smoke some sausages, and my smoker, a glass door Chinese made electric smoker, won’t give me any smoke below 90c.
  13. You're right...I missed smal "c"...lol...
  14. Tony chicago

    Tony chicago Newbie

    I believe he means the smoker will not generate smoke unless it gets to 90c/194f.
    Smokinbarries and foamheart on on the track. Iirc the pellet tray method to get smoke and run the smoker at the favored temp should work... but i no know nuthin
  15. Armyguy2004

    Armyguy2004 Fire Starter

    thank you so much for so much explanation.
    after carefully reading your post, i have tried my maze smoke tray. and there was a fire in my smoke, ahahaha. it's okay, i saw it coming.
    i also have that smoke tube, i purchased it for my bbq grill, but never got to use it. i think it's bigger than the chamber, so i guess that's a no go.
    i will be trying to make alum foil smoke tray tomorrow, and try to see how things go. this is like an adventure, making trials again and again.

    all and all, thank you all for all the help. you have all provided some wonderful ideas, unfortunately, many of them are not applicable to my situation, but great inspirations!
  16. foamheart

    foamheart Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    1. Get a piece of 3" PVC, ask any engineer he'll explain the extension to you.
    2. Get some 'dust" vice pellets to use. Dust requires less air flow to stay smouldering. Sometimes my tray will stay smoulding but they can be tempermatic.

    Those two should solve your problem, but smoking is all about playing, experimenting & learning. BTW get a little notebook and keep simple notes till you get acquainted with the process. I can NOT recommend that enough to you.

    Its all about fun and you are rewarded with good eats too!