Can you Identify this wood??? Please help

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May 30, 2007
Oak Grove, MO
I have a question about some wood my father got ahold of. I took pictures of it. He swears its cherry. I think its pecan or possibly walnut. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it...

Attachment 3585

Attachment 3586

I dont want to smoke with it with out knowing for sure. He doesnt remember what the leaves looked like. I know this is limited info but if you could help I would appreciate it very much!!!


Looks more like cherry to me ... at any rate, it is hardwood and it will be great!

Take a small piece and burn it ... if it is cherry, you'll know right away!

Let us know what you find out?
Thank you for all of your imput. I guess I will chop it alittle and throw some on the grill and find out for sure before I use it for smoke.
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