Can I change my screen name?

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Sep 26, 2006
I've decided that I'd like to change my usrename to match that on the license plate in my signature. Is that possible?
I should be able to do that for you.. Log out for a few minutes and I will give it a shot.

In a couple of minutes log back in with the new one and same password.
Thanks Jeff,
Do I need to go in and reset all my profile, options and all that?
You shouldn't have to do anything... I just replaced the username which took on all of the properties of the old one.

Let me know if you see anything "funny".
the whiskey flowed much smoother than my typing when creating this account, could i please change my name to ThePickledOldMan... thanks a bunch.
If changing username is still acceptable i would like to change mine. for some reason i thought it said name not username.
Is it still possible to change my handle?
All my Traegers burned up in the Tubbs fire...
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