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Discussion in 'Side Items' started by chadpole, Oct 7, 2007.

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    I need to find out how they make those pork skins like you get at fairs or flea market type skins. Some are as big as your hand.Where do you buy these skins and what temp do you deep fry them. I have tried doing skins from a whole hog I have smoked but they don't plump up like the skins you buy at fairs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy smoking.
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    Hey Paul, I just deep fry them @ 375 till they reach the texture I like. I am too far north to get them anywhere cept a bag in the grocery store. I don't like them as much as home made, simply because they are so puffed up, all air. I like some "chew" to them. [​IMG] I have tried to shake the warm cracklins in a paper sack, with powdered cheese and such, but that don't work real great. I hope someone comes along with a good idea. [​IMG] Terry P.S., pork roast is up to, 138 degrees, think we will eat supper before 10:00[​IMG][​IMG] I buy the skins from a local shop that makes bacon from scratch. There was a show on food network last week about snack foods, they did a piece on pork rinds, it might have been on "unwrapped"? Do a search on food network and you will find it.
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    Terry, I'd go ahead and foil it now and turn up that heat to 300 to 350 degrees for about 3 hours and you'll be eating before 10:00 PM,LOL Don't forget the Capt. Morgan and apple juice in the foil. You just need a couple of tablespoons of it and it will fall apart. Good luck!

    On the pork skins I want the ones that puff up real big.I love them!
  4. bigarm's smokin

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    Just shows to go ya Paul, your warped, [​IMG][​IMG] haha, just kiddin, I am slowly learning, it takes twice as long to BBQ, than I figure on. After another 20 or 30 smokes, I might figure that out? Terry
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    at the mexican grocer where we get our japs........MAN i need to find smaller ones........these last was too hot for me to handle.......but the neighbor took em off my hands...........heheheh.......she had one for breakfast.........MAN......i will for those days back.........used to be a eat a whole raw jap with no its nexium daze........and STILL can't eat the large ones

    anyway back to subject

    this store.......had them rinds as big as your HEAD.....HUGE.........and best of all........CHEAP...........

    so momma will be following this thread closely

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    There was a thread about this awhile back but for some reason I can't do a search tonight I keep getting the same new posts ...
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    When I make them, I use lard or peanut oil, get it up to 375 degrees like BigArm's said.
    They puff up more if they have been chilled before frying. You have to be careful though because the chilled ones make the oil splatter a bit.
    Good luck with them.[​IMG]
  8. You want a cooking oil with a high smoking point (above 400F) try:
    Cottonseed (420F)
    Rapeseed (438F)
    Grapeseed (485F)
    Safflower (510F)
    Get the temp up above 375F, closer to 400F if you can.
    Make sure the skins are completely dry before putting them in the oil, for an awesome flavour you could smoke them first for a few hours, this will help dry them out as well!
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  10. chadpole

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    I appreciate all the good information ya'll have provided. I am not so much into the cracklins as the puffed up pork skins. I noticed this weekend that the girl frying up some skins at the flea market had a box of them cut into 1 inch x 1 inch squares that she put into a dutch oven of oil. When they would start frying they would pop up like pop corn into these beautiful puffed pork skins. I asked questions about where you get the skins used to make them and she acted like it was top secret inteligence and you had to have an FBI clearance to know this stuff. I got so mad with her I wouldn't buy any of her pork skins. I guess I could buy a pack of skins and go to a meat packing plant and tell them I'm looking for this type of pork skin.
    Like I said before thanks for all input on this,BTW ,I do like cracklins too! My grandmother would make cracklin cornbread when I was a young boy. I have only had it a couple of times since then.
  11. dutch

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    One of our local gorcery stores has a stong Mexican market base and as a result, the meat department carries pork skins. Now that I have a turkey fryer, I'll have to try my hand at making them.
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    Wal-Mart used to have these hot pork skins in a bag at the registers here that you nuked and they puffed up. Kind of like microwave popcrn. I loved em - buy they don't have them anymore.

    What exactly is a pork rind? Is that the belly skin?
  15. chadpole

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  16. kueh

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    In an episode of Dirty Jobs on Discovery channel, Mike Rowe made pork rinds. If memory serves, the rinds/chips are first rendered of most of the excess fat at a moderate temperature, removed, cooled, then fried at a high temperature.

    The first rendering is started with boiling water, to release the fat. The water is boiled off, leaving the lard and pork bits.

    Dirty Jobs Season 4 Episode 5 - Skull Cleaner.... the cracklin' maker is in this episode.

    The pork is essentially processed like "french" fries. They're cooked at a lower temperature, then flash fried to puff/crisp 'em up.

    For some more detailed information,

    Guess my information is wrong. The Dirty Jobs episode is from season 2.

    And just found the vid clip,
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    Not without a license.
  19. deejaydebi

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    So are you saying the thick hard skin with the nipples on it I cut off my pork bellies and throw away is a pork rind or cracklin waiting to happen?
  20. kueh

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    Yes, the skin on pork belly is used. You could use the skin on back fat, but that's almost pure fat.

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