Came up with a new glaze for ribs.

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    I wanted something to add shine and a flavor pop to my ribs without the heaviness of bbq sauce.
    All I did was take a quart sized carton of mango nectar (peach would also work, or even OJ) and put it in a skillet over med-hi heat. To that I added about 2 TB of fresh ginger. I let that roll until it had reduced by about half, and had a syrupy consistency. The aroma of just these first 2 ingredients was AMAZING. Then I added a TB of my rub, another TB of ginger and about a third of a cup of jalapeno jelly. The jelly was kinda hard to find, but it's out there. Farmers markets and gourmet food stores are your best bet.
    Just whisk these in until the jelly and sugar have melted, then let cool.
    My rub is pretty spicy, and the jelly has a little kick to it as well, so the flavor of the glaze is first sweet, then you get the tang of the ginger, then the heat slowly builds. It's not tear your head off hot, but has a nice slow burn. I did notice that after the ribs came out the heat was reduced considerably, which I really was hoping for.
    Only been able to test in the oven, as I keep getting rained on every time I mention the smoker. I'll try it again on the smoker to see how that changes the flavor. By the way, I've also tried it on chicken and it's really good.
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    Only pic I took. Bones came out looking kinda narsty, but you can see the glaze on top.
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    The glaze looks excellent!

    Great job!

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