Butts: Foil or not! Last minute!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jamantste, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. So my butts have been smoking since 4am and I am nearing the 165 mark on at least the one that is probed(too fast?) They don't have a fantastic bark so I am thinking of going all the way to 205 with no foil. Think that'll help add a better bark?

    This was my first smoke with the 732. Does the smoker temp really vary that much?! It would go from 245 to 201 in why seemed like one cycle of the thermometer....

    This is my 4th smoke ever so I am still learning... Thanks again to all those who take the time to share your experience![​IMG]
  2. Oh and happy 4th of July weekend!!
  3. mikeh

    mikeh Smoke Blower

    They look good.  I just posted pics of my pulled pork on here and I didnt foil at all.  Took a long time (19+ hrs), but I will do it this way from now on.  Really like the good bark I got on the outside...good luck

  4. e9er

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    looks good................
  5. ellymae

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    A couple of things...

    Check your temp in another butt. 165 at this point is not too fast - I think you will hit a stall that will take a while.

    I say no foil - or, sinc eyou have a couple butts foil one and see which you like better.

    Good luck!
  6. rdknb

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    I do not foil my butts as I love the bark, but it does take a bit longer to cook.  If you have more then one, foil one and not the other then decide which you like better
  7. smokinal

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    I vote no foil too. I used to foil, but then I tried it without foil & haven't foiled since. The bark you get is to die for!
  8. No Foil! Better bark!
  9. [​IMG]

    Stalled at 165... All of them around the same temp though. That was a moment of relief... I have heard multiple butt stories of some wildly varying temps.

    I think time is gonna be the deciding factor here. Depends on how long they Han out at 165...

    So with no foil they still get foiled at the end and tossed in the cooler right? Thanks guys!
  10. jirodriguez

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    I do a variation of 3-2-1 for butts and brisket now, it gives me moist juicy meat, but still have nice bark. I take my butts and brisket to 165, then foil and let them go to 190, then take them out of the foil and back on the grates, they will drop from 190 to about 180, then I let them ride to 200°. It shaves about 2-4 hrs. off of the unfoiled times, and the ride from 180-200 takes appox. 4 hrs. so the bark sets back up really nicely.

    As for your last question, yes you foil them to put them in the cooler to rest.
  11. Yes foil and Rest for at least 1 hour...your butts are looking great!!![​IMG]
  12. smokinal

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    If you take the butts all the way to 205 without foil there is no need to wrap them in foil to let them rest. Just let them rest on the counter for 1/2 hour & pull them.
  13. teleburst

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    I've found that bark development really relies on the sugar content of the rub above all. It also helps if you have a sugar-based slather like Karo or a thick one like mustard. If you search my screen name for earlier threads, you find some q-view that shows the bark development. My bark is usually fully developed by hour 6 but mainly because I hit them hard with heat up-front (doesn't hurt them one bit to cook at 325-350 for the first 3+ hours. For me, the consideration of foiling is the softening of the bark at the latter stages of slow cooking. I've solved that by opening the foil at the end and putting it under the broiler for a couple of minutes. I like some snap to my bark. The last thing I want is a soggy bark!
  14. Thanks for the info... Seems like everyone has a specific way of smoking, as it should be! Guess it's just a matter of finding your preferred method. Still nice to not fail due to the experience of others!

    So, the temp is rising. At 176 and I am fighting the urge to foil.... Is there a "too late to foil temp"? Lol.

    Last time I foiled I stopped with the smoke. Should I keep hitting it to achieve a better bark?

    Thanks once again! Hope everyone is having a good one!
  15. smokinal

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    If you don't foil keep the smoke going. If you decide to foil it you don't need any smoke. If you want you can just foil it & finish it in the oven. If I were you I would keep it going without the foil unless you have a time it has to be done by & it doesn't look like you will be able to get it done by then. Then foil it & it will cook much faster. If you have the time to wait it out you will be rewarded with PP that has wonderful smokey bark mixed in with it.
  16. That's the plan Al... I'm at 181 now. Still got about 5 hours to play with... We'll see!
  17. fpnmf

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    We like em foiled here. Done them both ways...

    You have a great weekend too!!!

  18. flash

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    I only use foil to speed up the process. You can really get a butt done quick by foiling and raising the smoker temp. But if I was not concerned with time or the cost of charcoal or propane, I would try without foil.
  19. rp ribking

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    Any Update?
  20. Just hit 190. Getting the bark I was after! Loving the 732 and of course the WSM! [​IMG]

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