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Discussion in 'Beef' started by cmondo84, Jul 31, 2013.

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    I am planning to buy and smoke a couple of brisket points to make burnt ends as an appetizer for a family picnic on Saturday. Here is the process that I was planning, not sure if anyone has done anything similar or if it is just not a good idea:1. Fully smoke/cook the brisket point on Friday;2. Wrap it and let it rest Friday;3. Refrigerate the whole point overnight to let the juices set back up;4. Cube the brisket Saturday morning and finish smoking the Burnt Ends so that they are warm for the party.This was my plan to avoid a long night of smoking on Friday after work. One of my concerns would be resmoking the meat on the smoker and how the second rub/sauce would adhere to the cold cubes of deliciousness.Any information would be helpful.Thanks,Chris
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    Since you'll be going from complete cold I would do your reheat at 225F-250F for 3 hours with smoke the entire time.

    Mmm....burnt ends.
  3. I make burnt ends the second day all the time. I moisten with defatted brisket drippings or broth, this helps the rub stick, then I add the sauce. Never had any problem with the cold meat. I do mine in a pan and add a little more broth/drippings before I put them on the pit. I stir occasionally so all surfaces get some smoke.

    I have adapted this technique substituting sausage, cubed chuck and even pulled pork, never had it turn out to be anything but great. Got the idea for the pulled pork from this thread http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/145120/sometimes-i-show-my-butt-in-public-qview-included thanks FishinChik!  Made the pulled pork version for our monthly smoke at work and it was a big hit.
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    Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I will post some pictures of the process.

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