Burned Out

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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
Wife Jane says she is burned out on smoked whatever, time for a break. The Memorial Day smoke leftovers did it I think. Maybe that and me smelling like smoke all the time. I'm not supposed to smoke anything until the SMF gathering in a couple weeks.

So I cooked up some Chinese pepper steak over rice for last night's meal, made her happy (me too!). Think I'll take her out to eat tonight..... hmmmmmmm..... maybe Oden's BBQ up north? Sure death!
Somehow though I'm pretty sure I smell smoke in the future. Maybe just a fatty or two....................
If Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.
i get the same problem here too,so i found a cure.....i have an old cast iron woodstove on the porch(doubles as my burn box),ijust burn a couple sticks a few nights a week & light the tiki torches...it's a chronic condition i tell you. bbq is an addiction,smoking is the cure.
Tell Jane I hear that!!!! With all the practice cooks wev'e been doing.......I hate to say it but I'm all Q'ed out
...(duck and cover mode)...lol

I'm sure I also will be ready for some by the " Gathering" in a few weeks!!
I've been enjoying the lighter tastes (and quicker times) of my gas grill lately. Especially with the veggies. I love grilled asparagus and zucchini.
my wife is tired of bbq too. she doesn't like pulled pork, only brisket and chicken. if i didn't work 2nd shift, it would be better. she gripes because on sat (or sun), when i am smoking something, i sit on the porch the whole time, watching the smoker (temps, stoking the fire, spraying the meat, etc). i told her she could sit out there with me some too, then we spend the day together somewhat.
Women! Can't live with'em.. can't live without 'em

I try to tell my wife that this is how our ancestors ate everything before they invented indoor ovens... just going back to my roots, Baby!!

That doesn't work either

OH well.. like you say.. gotta keep mama happy or...
my wife said she doesn't gripe too much, because she kows how much i like to smoke some meat. she says she can live with once a week. now, when i was working weekends, y'all remember that, don't y'all? i was smoking 2 or 3 times a week...she was getting tired of it quick then.
Having the same problem here in Ontario ... have to mix it up more with the grill etc. Shhh! ..they just don't understand

...but i'm off to watch others do their thing tomorrow ...hope to learn a few more tricks ...

Wish me luck!
So far, I have spread out the smoking enough that mama is still happy. I BBQ alot over the Weber, which is her favorite. If I'm smoking something she doesn't like, like salmon for instance, I'll throw a steak on the grill for her.
my missus was tired of Q for a little while... it started to get warm out and now she likes the fact that i cook outside... as long as i serve her pasta, she is a happy camper...especially fettucine alfredo
I'm over it for a day or two after a smoke, because I make so much and it stays around so long. A little Kung Pao, a little Quizno's, a little pasta, and I'm wondering what's next. The coolest thing for me.....even though I'm a novice, my neighbors and my wife's bar customers think I'm a pro and are always barking for more. Now I've got a tropical storm to the west and BBQ is still on my mind! Will the generator run the A/C AND the Masterbuilt?? Hmmmmm
Never going to happen here. We have lots of varity with the saltwater fish we catch. Although, I did smoke a redfish fillet awhile back that was quite good.
Wives that b1tch about the food you cook need to learn how to cook themselves. Help out abit and offer some varity. Baked chicken wings, grilled chicken strips over a fresh bed of greens, good 'ol grilled steak, fried trout......even Pizza.
Lots of varity out there.
not so much burned out but busy busy busy. been giving the grill a good workout in fact got a 5# sirloin tip to do on the spit tommorrow, yes i have a smoke box for it, but sunday gonna do a meatloaf in the ECB.

The better half likes the fact that i do the cooking and likes the food but there are times that a good ole burger or dog or some chicken legs will do
my wife can cook too. we both can cook. she is just tired of smoked meat. she wants some chicken and dumplings, and other stuff that you cook in the kitchen.
i had to repost.....the wife is threatening labor & we're doing the scottish(glasgow,highland games)w/ the scottish drum bands... oh yeah, smoking....everyone here (but me) is tired of bbq,but i ain't tired of perfection & experimentation...so i will light my tiki torches, start my wood stove, & enjoy my deck...and savor the flavor ..... of fresh burnt wood.....
I like variety. That's why I started smokin' meat. I find that after about 10 days without the "thin blue", I get the hankering for more. The family is fine with whatever I produce.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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