Burger and dog 4th of July Insanity

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Jun 13, 2017
Northeast Ohio
Another 4th of July where I found a contest to enter kind of last minute. I was in the middle of smoking pork butts, beans, burnt ends and making some sides for a small catering job but just had to get an entry out. Contest required best submission of burgers and dogs using the sponsors rub(s). I won a lot of their rubs in a Superbowl contest and have just started using them. I really like them. Without further delay here is a walk through my insanity lol. Private Selection All Beef jumbo dogs. Split lengthwise and rubbed with Dos Pendejos Poco Loco.
Two half pound 80/20 chuck burgers using their Smokin It (mesquite salt based) and a light coat of Poco Loco.
Into the smoker on firebox end , flash forward here are the dogs
Burger before getting Chipotle cheddar
While these were going I made a couple bacon wrapped Vidalia slices as well. Forgot to snap picks. Time to construct Sowsage Sowsage style :) Although I’m keto the sandwich starts on brioche. I’ll be handing this off to my neighbor lol. A little leaf lettuce and the dogs start the show.
Next some white queso and in lieu of chili some of my keto cowboy beans
Burger time! Several slices of nice melted chipotle cheddar.
Time to bring it home with the bacon wrapped Vidalia onion and some fried jalapeños dipped in their Mas Sexy sweet citrus salt.
That’s a wrap. I did have some of the extras on keto bread and it was tasty!! Thanks for looking
That looks fantastic, over the top good!!
If I could get my mouth around it I would love a bite! Nicely done Jeff!!
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WOW!! Chef Jeff does it again!! Simply astonishing my friend. That looks otherworldly. Please keep us posted on the results of your competition.

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Fantastic ! . I'd have to un-stack it to eat it , but I know it's good .
You got me with the hot dogs . I did Jeff's spiral cut , rubbed and smoked before . Amazing how good a smoked hot dog is . Nice work as always bud .
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Hot damn Jeff. How did you do in the contest? I would think the rub company would be pretty damn happy with that finished shot. Excellent. Although I might have to see a cardiologist after eating that thing!
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Everything looks very good.

Do you buy or bake your own keto bread? If you buy it, what brand do you find to be the best? Thanks.

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