Built A New Transformer Cart & Hybrid Santa Maria Grill (Pics)

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Thanks so much Keith. It's been a fun hobby and somewhat of an evolution figuring out how to make certain things work using steel. I've been a wood worker all my life so this is a bit different.

Yes it is a bit different....you have to allow for expansion and contraction of the metal and your cuts need takeout to allow for the weld bead. Learning where to put the weld bead so you can use the pull to your advantage is a skill....

Glad you are having fun. New cart looks function and nice!
Very nice Robert, and I can see the reasoning for the changes that you point out.
And the cook you posted about your friends weekend supper with this was an example of how it works. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
You are the user and the builder so that is great that you can practice and then rethink and rebuild. Albeit time consuming and sort of costly

Buying from store than realizing that it is just not what was wanted would cost ( me ) $$$.
As a worker of wood .... my builds would go up in flames with each cook, lol

Very nice metal work, Robert. That grill looks great, and that cart with the slide out just makes it all come together and make it all user friendly and easily accessible. Nice setup all the way around...
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