Buckboard Bacon, Smoked

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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
It's been HOT. Average 100, or more. Have not really been inclined to fire up a smoker.
But I've had Buckboard Bacon curing. It says to cure it a minimum of 10 days. Mine went 16 days because of the heat and me not wanting to fire up.
Anyhow, I decided to do a night smoke and gitRdone. Fired up the GOSM 3005C charcoal smoker because I like the added flavor of lump charcoal, time was 8:00 PM.
The GOSM 3005C amazed me. I started with about a third of a chimney of Best Choice lump because the instructions say to put the bacon on and heat the smoker to 150°, go 45 minutes with no smoke, then bring the smoker up to 200° and smoke on. I closed the lower vents to about 3/8" and opened the top to about 1 1/2" and it was perfect. Put the bacon in and did the 45 minutes, then added 2 chunks of hickory and another full chimney of lit lump. Opened the bottom vents to 3/4". It came up to 205°, then settled at 194° and stayed there. Nice thin blue. It cruised right along and the GrillAlert remote thermometer told me it was done (140° internal temp.) at 1:15 AM.
I pulled the fire pan out and left the bacon in the smoker to cool down for an hour per instructions. Ambient temp. was still 88°! Got it off the smoker at 2:45 AM. I put it in the fridge and crashed. Not a kid anymore!
Next afternoon I sliced it and divided the slices into portions, vac sealed all except one pile with the FoodSaver. As an experiment I put 2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup in one of the bags. We'll see how that is.
The pile I didn't seal I fried up with some eggs and toast with our homemade applebutter - MOST FINE!
I highly recommend the Buckboard Bacon Cure and will be making more. I'm thinking some of the bacon in BBQ beans would work. I have a package of ends left from slicing, chop them up and, mmmmmmmmmmm.





wow that looks awesome...now, what exactly is the difference between buckboard bacon and regular bacon? I'd love to cure some of my own one of these days.
That's some excellent work Mike. Yet another fine display of quality smokemanship. Thanks for sharing. I keep saying I'm gonna do some one of these days... I gotta get some going.
It is not the same as what you buy. Closer to ham after it is cured. You need to try it, it is fairly simple, mostly takes time. Use a pork butt. You might find the cure in a store, though I doubt it. I had to order from the Hi Mountain website, shipping costs more than the cure. Here is their site -


Go for it!
The main difference is the recommended cut of meat. Buckboard bacon traditionally calls for a boston butt whereas traditional bacon would use a pork belly. The stuff is phenomenal. It's replaced regular bacon in my house. leaner and every bit as tasty.
Mike ,great job on the buckboard ,it really is very good

it is also excellent on pork belly ,pork tenderloin and bnls porkloins ....

anyone who loves ham or bacon give this a go ,as Mike says it is straight forward and easy
Looks like a success Mike. I can't remember if I mentioned it to ya or not, but make 3 or 4 thick slices next time and grill them. It's a pretty neat little treat.
Is there a recipe or brine that wont make the bacon heavy on salt. i tried alot of processed rubs and tender quicks, but the salt is terrible. Bad ticker, not supposed to have salt. How about sharing the apple butter recipie. Thanks
Very nice looking bacons there Mike. I got a question though ... Does Buckboard bacon taste like bacon or ham like Canadian bacon?
Debi ...I find it to be a cross between them both...sliced thinner it's more like bacon and thicker it's more like ham...very good and worth doin,IMHO.
Beautiful lookin' bacon Mike! Man-o-man I love the stuff!

I dunno about the rest of you guys, but when I do fatties I wrap 'em in sliced bacon. Now, I KNOW you're not gonna believe me, but after I tasted that juicy, tender bacon that was around the fattie, I'd rather eat the danged bacon!
I like it soooo much, I've been smokin' up a few pounds of regular, ol' bacon. I vacuum pack it, what a treat! I put bacon on EVERYthing now!
Just slap a few slices on a toasted, big, fat homegrown tomato sandwich, then slather it up with mayo....... Pure Heaven!

(Uh oh... Can't remember, is bacon good cholesterol or bad cholesterol?
The recipe makes a 30 gallon kettle full, takes us 2 days to get it made. Made 121 pints and 8 quarts last fall. If you are interested PM me.

BB Bacon Cure is salty. You wash the meat well after curing to remove as much cure as possible, but it is still a bit salty.
Order the BB Bacon Cure from Hi Moutain Jerky, the instructions are inside with enough cure to do 25 lbs. It is easy, just involves time.
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