Brown sugar and higher pit temps

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Aug 1, 2011
So I've generally smoked all my pork from 225-245 because I use a lot of brown sugar in my rub and don't want it to burn. I would love to do my butts or ribs closer to 275 like I do brisket but am concerned if this will be ok with the brown sugar? I know turbinado sugar can withstand a little more heat but I like the flavor of the brown sugar a little more


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Jul 2, 2012
Marathon Wisconsin
I've done a few butts at 275 with brown sugar in the rub. They turned out looking black but did not taste like they were burned. You might want to try a butt at 250 and if you are happy try the next butt a little higher.


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May 23, 2009
Upstate, SC
I do my ribs and butts at 275 always and use brown sugar in my rub and never have a problem with burning or charring. I would try it and not be too concerned!

greg b

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Mar 3, 2013
I'm with Stickyfingers on this one. I just did my first picnic and butt and it came out looking burnt but the crust was amazing. My heat ranged between 250 and 275 ( early on it had hit 300, but I backed it down pretty quickly).


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