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  1. I think I really messed up a brisket. Can anyone help? ?
  2. Hey man... what's the problem? I have a 11# brisket going on 18 HR cook right now. It's a great lesson in patience.
  3. I have a treager smoket. I started a brisket 4-5#. Stopped playing to check it. Already at 140 degrees. I gave to use a manual probe to get temp. It's 11 in the morning and we don't eat till 7. How do I stop and start the brisket later
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    I have only done full packer briskets about 16-20 lbs. It usually takes about 20 hours at 225f. It has never been dry yet.
  5. Looks like I also need spelling lessons
  6. Dude my stall lasted like 6 hrs. There are a lot of stalling techniques you could use. Like do not foil and lower your temps or foil/towel when finished and put into a cooler. Keep it above 150 (I think, verify that) if you cooler it. You planning on taking it to what temp?
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    What temp you cooking at?
    I did one on a Traeger and cooked quickly also. Put on at 630 am and was done by 3pm. We wrapped and put in cooler for 2 and half hours and was juicy and unbelievably tender. Probably was to tender. You will get a stall so I would keep going.
  8. The theme on the top of the cover said right on 200
  9. Think I should b get it to 200 meat temp??
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    You will know it's done when therm goes in like butter.

    What's your dial set on? The gauge on top is temperature at the lid not grate level so it could be 250 on grate.
  11. The thermo in the cover said about 200. Basic treager model. I think I should get the internal hemp around 200???
  12. No dial. Only have "smoke"--medium and then high. I selected smoke.
  13. Thinking I need to take it to 200?? Then it sounds like tin foil,towel and cooler?
  14. Don't know why this says offline. I am also new to blogging. It a bit startibg b this in my 70s
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    that's how I would go Rick. Keep at smoke and you will get a stall. I didn't foil until it was done then I did the foil towel and cooler. On brisket that small it probably will be done quicker. My 11lb took 8 hours only which was quick but every meat is different. 200 is good temp but it can be done at 190 also. I would test with toothpick and if it goes in like butter it's done.
  16. Thnx for the help. We just butchered so if I screw this one up I have 4 more like it now in the freezer. Next time I cut up the steers I will make bigger briskets. Thnx again from a rookie smoker!!

  17. smokinadam

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    How's it looking now? Temp stall?
  18. It's at 195. Gonna pull it pretty soon wrap in foil and towel and let it rest...
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    I'm not sure what time zone you are in, but it looks like you're right on schedule for eating at 7pm
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    That would put you at good time! Glad you kept going and didn't remove early!

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