Brisket Rub Question

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Jun 24, 2021
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Good morning.

I want to keep my rub simple, just salt and pepper. But I was looking through some forums and videos and saw that lots of folks suggest adding some ground coffee to the mix. Has anyone ever heard of this or actually used this mix?


Daba's BBQ
Adding coffee to a rub is not keeping it simple. Yes, lots of people do it. If you typed coffee in the search bar and press enter is results in over 100 results... might start there?
What you add or rub on your brisket is up to you. But I do suggest you make a note of what you rub on it, So if you do like the way it turned out you can repeat what you did.
as charlie said people do use coffee but i never have, you could always do half your brisket with a coffee rub and the other half with your go to rub and see what ya like better. wish i could be more help but that's all i got.
When I first got started I was convinced that "secret" weapons were required to make good bbq but that's simply not true. Good cue is the mastery of the basics: TBS until proper IT. Coffee is not gonna make or break it but can add little to the flavor but most likely the use of coffee is an appearance thing, darkening the exterior a bit. There are a few popular "black rubs" also using charcoal to this effect. All this being said, I found that equal parts SPG on beef smoked with oak is heaven to me.
Back in the mid 90's I used to live in Texas and the grocery store had a couple of guys with a HUGE smoker out front. Whenever we bought a brisket, we would drop it off with those gents...they would look at the weight (to tell you what time to come back and get it)...season it with S&P (only) and would smoke it with a mesquite fire.

^^^This^^^ brisket is, to this day, the single best brisket I have ever had. I have tried different rubs (including coffee), injections, etc....but IMHO it is hard to beat the skill of a good mesquite fire, S&P (or SPG) and seasoned veterans smoking the brisket.

Good luck with the coffee rub. The wife and I didn't particularly care for it - but we didn't hate it either. I like the idea (above) about seasoning a flat 1/2 S&P and 1/2 with the coffee rub. Be sure to post your findings.
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According to the package, Weber's Coffee Rub has "sugar, salt, chili pepper, coffee, garlic", bla, bla, bla, etc., in that order.

I love the rub on brisket, beef ribs, beef roasts and burger.
I know. I know. Trying to be great is tough, At times u need to compromise :)

Start with Salt and Black Pepper.
Find out what the meat tastes like first without all the "extra".
If you want to experiment with flavors after that then by all means do so, but you'll have a base line of what a brisket should taste like from doing JUST Salt and Black Pepper.

I recommend Kosher Salt and freshly cracked Black Pepper.
Consistently producing tender smoked brisket is the key. Personally, brisket to me screams Texas. That's simple 50-50 S&P and nothing else.
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I am aa fan of SPG for my brisket smokes. Salt and Pepper is very tough to beat but my wife and I love the flavor of garlic. Perhaps you might want to try the coffee rub on something smaller like a tri tip or chuck roast where you aren't covering so much surface. If you love it then give it a go on your next brisket. If not then you don't have as much to eat that is not exactly to your liking. Just a thought.

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I was thinking of adding some brown sugar to it as well.

Personally I would avoid the sugar. If your temps get too high and/or it cooks for a long time at high enough temps then the sugar will burn up and get bitter on you. The other seasonings don't have this problem.

My personal favorite is SPOG and 100% Mesquite wood smoke. Mesquite on beef just can't be beat!
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