Brisket, ribs, and family time

Discussion in 'Beef' started by crankybuzzard, Jul 11, 2015.

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    #2 son cooked for the inlaws earlier in the week and I cooked for my dad yesterday.

    We went to the farm (Mineloa, TX) and took #2 son's recently rebuilt smoker with us since dad hasn't had any good Q in a while.

    On the way to pops place, we stopped and got a 17# packer brisket and 2 big racks of spare ribs. Got to dad's about 1, had every thing on the pit by 2:30, and ate ribs for supper around 8.

    The brisket cooked all night and we sliced it up this morning for breakfast. Bagged up the rest for the parentals to freeze for several more meals in the near future.

    I did all the cooking this time since target shooting and filling feeders took the boys main attention.

    Used a mix of hickory and mesquite with about 4 splits of hickory to 1 split of mesquite. Rub is our own creation.
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    CB That is another fine looking meal,just meat thats all that is needed.


  3. aggie94

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    Wow Cranky that is a big smoke!  I usually cook one thing at a time, a lot more challenging having to keep up with multiple items of different type.  Looks like it came out great, I'm sure your dad loved it.
  4. crankybuzzard

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    Dad and the bonus mother loved every bite last weekend, and called last night to say that the reheated brisket made sammichs for supper and they loved it all over again.

    As for cooking multiple items, I love doing it that way.  By getting everything started at times where I can about half way plan when they'll be done, it gives folks something to look forward to as the day progresses and the smoke teases.  In the 3rd picture down, the items on the "top rack" are actually rib trimmings that we smoked long enough to get some good smoke flavor on and then grilled for "cook snacks".  They go great with a cold beverage and some interesting BS...

    Another item of note, our closest neighbor at the farm is about 3/4 of a mile to the east, he never comes to visit, but the last 2 times I've had the pit going out there, he's shown up to chat...  Guess that southwest wind carries smoke pretty well!
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    That neighbor is going to be looking forward to you coming back to cook!

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