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Brisket Reheat


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So I smoked my first brisket today.  A 4lb flat.  Did the process whereby you smoke to 170 then wrap and smoke to 200 then place in cooler for at least an hour.  Now we are having people over for tomorrow and because of our schedule I was unable to smoke on the actual day we are eating it.  Question is - How do I reheat it?  I have yet to slice it and it is cooling in the fridge in the foil.  Do I put it in the oven?  If so for how long and what is the process?  Or I have heard you can slice it and put it in hot beef bouillon? Or do I put it back in the smoker at a lower temp? As always appreciate the advice.  


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Oven, whole, still in the foil rested in a baking pan is fine...around 250* for ~60 minutes, then check I/T...leave the probe in if you can, and it's not up to 165* minimum.

Sliced in a beef broth bath is another option...heat to 165* liquid temp and slices will heat through in just a few minutes, if thin sliced...a bit longer for thicker slices and low liquid to meat ratio (loose slices in lots of liquid heat faster).

No need to fire up the smoker again, unless just to use as an oven...I've done that countless times with vertical propane smokers.



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I see I am a little late for this post, but I would like to add something to think about for the future.  Wise choice to do it a day early, it is very hard to predict exactly when a brisket will be done.

Every piece of meet is different and will take different amounts of time to reach 200'.  Some 15lb briskets I have done in 19hrs but one was 25hrs.  I try to smoke early and slice to reheat if I have company coming and might have a slow one.

I recently smoked a 15lb brisket and a ham for a Christmas party at another location.  I smoked as usual, and after resting I sliced it and stacked it in a large crock pot with a little of the fat removed juice and a little water to keep it moist while reheating.  Put it in the refrigerator.  Next morning took it to the party site about 3 hours early and plugged it in.  You could easily do the same in a glass baking dish or foil pan in an oven.  It was virtually as good as just out of the smoker.

To me it is easier to slice it and restack it before refrigerating to have that part out of the way, especially if there might be other cooks in the kitchen working on other food items.

I hope everything went well for you.

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