Brisket redemption

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  1. Ok guys because I messed up last time and did not give the qview here is the new post that I promised :)

    I decided to try a different recipe again for the brisket because I think something has been missing.

    So I tried this one...

    I bought a 13.6LB brisket from wally world, Not the monster that I had last time at 15.8LB.

    So I made up the slather and the rub and washed down the brisket. The slather had a great taste to it!

    Thew the rub down on her and heated up the smoker to 250, now this seemed hot but I was like what the heck I will try it out.

    I have been cooking mine as of late at 220.

    So where we are with the rub on...


    So as I am in the middle of smoking, about 4 hours in, and I hear some thunder coming in and I was like crap, so I quickly put up my tent and 5Min's later the super down pour started.....


    So at 4:00AM in the morning I could not stay up anymore and had to throw it in the oven.

    It was at 167 when I wrapped it and put in the rest of the mop from the link above and added a little beef broth.

    I set the thermometer at the 185 mark and went to bed, and at 6:00AM 185 was hit.

    It then rested for a little over a hour then when into the fridge.

    I pulled it out before the family came over for fathers day and was about to cut it up and add beef brother to the warming pan.

    I cut into it and it was so moist I could not add that  awesome meat to broth.

    With the bark before the cut..


    The cut....


    The close up...


    Sliced up after the reheat...


    So everything turned out great and the family was blow-en away by it.

    Below are a few more pictures of what I made it was a cray good day.

    Chipotle shrimped wrapped in bacon.


    Then I made bruschetta with Shallot's, rosemary and prosciutto...


    That recipe was crazy good!!!

    Well guys thanks for looking I hope I redeemed my self [​IMG]
  2. otter

    otter Meat Mopper

    Looks great , some times we have to finish in an oven no disgrace it happens
  3. raptor700

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    It all looks great

    You are here-by exonerated of any wrong doing  [​IMG]

    Great Qview!
  4. smokinal

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    Beautiful!  [​IMG]
  5. africanmeat

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    looks great[​IMG]

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