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Discussion in 'Beef' started by inkjunkie, Jun 3, 2015.

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    Need some education on briskets please. Was walking thru Wallyworld today and they had a brisket "flat". Was only about 6 pounds. Was in Cash & Carry and seen a brisket....don't recall exactly what the label said nor the weight but it was easily double in size versus the Wallyworld one. So what exactly is a brisket flat? Is there different "cuts" of brisket? So fine folks...please help me out...Thanks in advance for any and all assistance....
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     brisket is two separate pieces of meat separated by a layer of fat. The two pieces are the flat and the point. When laying flat (no pun intended) on a counter, and the fat layer is on top, the flat is the thinner and usually wider part of the brisket. The point is the the part on the top under the fat layer with the thicker end of the brisket. 

    What you saw at the Cash and Carry store was probably a packer trim brisket. and the Wal-Mart one was an already trimmed brisket...smaller, usually more expensive. Wal-Mart also sells packer trimmed briskets, and I usually buy from them because they are cheaper than other places. 

    I prefer to buy the packer trimmed briskets because I trim my own and I cook the whole thing together. 
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  3. oldschoolbbq

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    Bigler lead you right , also the cost is usually much ore for the Flat.
  4. mdboatbum

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    The flat is also much leaner (internally) than the point and is much more susceptible to drying out.

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