Brisket on electric smoker

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Original poster
Sep 22, 2013
So Cal - Orange County
We've smoked salmon and pork loin (thanks everyone for the help), but really want to do a melt in your mouth brisket. We have an elective smoker that only has one steady temp (I think it's 225 deg).
What size do you recommend? There are only 2 of us, but if it turns out well we'll share at our Friday night app & drink group. So if we need larger than we can eat we're okay with that.
Should we inject to get it tender, like we do the pork loin? We have a Texas rub we like so we'll use that. What IT? How long should that take at 225 deg? We live in SoCal so we can grill /smoke year round.
We'll have the foil, towels and cooler ready to let it rest.
I've only smoked brisket flats on my Bradley electric but they have always turned out great. A smaller flat from grocery store usualy makes 2 - 3 meals for wife and I. Medium size flat from butcher shop 4 - 6 meals. I usually just rub with SPOG, 2:1:1:1. I usually smoke for 1/2 estimated cook time, with hickory and pecan to IT of 185* to 190*. Wrap in foil, towels and into cooler for min of 1 hr, 2 if I have the time. No fails so far. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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