Brisket in Fort Collins - with Pics!

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smoking in ft. collins

Smoke Blower
Original poster
Sep 7, 2006
Fort Collins, CO
OK, the day is here. I got up at 5am and pulled the brisket out of the refrigerator. Here is a pic of the brisket waiting for a 6:30 date with the smoker!
your pit temp shouldn't fall below around 220 IMO. I've sent you a private message if you want to compare notes. I'm smoking today too!! :)
the temp shouldn't drop during the plateau. It should continue to climb. I think the reason your seeing temps drop is the temp of your pit is too low.
For some reason I cannot get the temp of the pit above 200 right now. I have put wood in, vented it, closed the vents, added charcoal, etc. It just stays right around 175, 200.

The meat has now dropped to 156. I am seriously thinking of pulling, foiling and putting it in the oven. It has been in the smoker now for 6 hours.
after 6 hours, I'd say you'd be safe to pull and put in an oven. However, I'm curious why you can't get the temps up.
The problem is fuel. I was using Cowboy Charcoal (first time) and it just didn't burn hot enough. With other charcoal I couldn't keep the temp low enough.

I have pulled it off (dropped to 154) and it is in the oven at 250. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it is pretty black and crusty on the outside. If you look at my other post, I have previously used a different recipe. I am really concerned that this brisket will turn out poorly.

Oh well, I can do nothing but keep going and we will see. I promise pics after oven, prior to cooler.

Anybody else every have heat problems with cowboy charcoal?

I've used Cowboy before and didn't care much for it. However it did not cause the temp to drop on my pit like that, it just burned too hot for too short a length of time. How is the wind there today? Sounds more like a problem that would be caused by wind or some other element.

Since you have already pulled your brisket, be sure and keep your oven temp down low (225) just like you would have on the smoker and it will be fine.
I think you'll be fine. I've had the same problems through the years. I kept one in the plateau 160-170* range for about 6 hours once, because I fell asleep (passed out) and my pit temp fell. Stoked it in the morning and it finished up just fine.
That's one of the hazzards of smoking at altitude. You have to keep your vents open a little more to get the required oxygen to the wood/charcoal, but if there is any wind, you can't really close the dampers to regulate that well. Some have built wind blocks. Here in Littleton today, its breezy, but not windy. I had to turn my smoker about 90 degrees to make it work with the breeze. I'm using propane (GOSM) so the temps are pretty easy to regulate.

You guys smoke'n in Colorado better not complain! I just got back from Divide, CO. and a bad day smoke'n in the rockies is better than a perfect day in w.Kansas. Love the mountains.

Just had to throw that it. :)

Ft. Collins, do you any Hermans there?
It sounds like the wind is really blowing hard in the oppisite direction. If ya had it on for over 6 hrs and then finish it up in the oven it should come out just fine as long as ya don't cook it to fast. 6 hrs should give it a semi good smoke flavor. Brisket (IMO) takes the longest to get the smoke flavor depending on how much fat is on it.

The last brisket I did was on the smoker for 20 hrs at 220 to 250. They are's as if they want to smoke the way they want with a mind of their own......however a brisket takes on new personality based on climate.

Some smoke 12 hrs with no wind on a warm day and some smoke for 10 hrs on a cold day and then the wind could come in from a different direction and they're on there for 20. But it's so fun and so tastey, it's worth every bit of trouble:)
So it hit in internal temp of 180 in the oven. It has now moved to the cooler and is resting. We are 10 hours into the adventure. Dinner is in another 2 hours.

It really looks black, much more than I have seen before, but that is the fat side.

Here is the last pic prior to slicing.
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