Brisket Flat... My First! :)

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Sep 5, 2010
So Cal
Hello All,

So 2 nights ago i was purusing around on my favorite site (SMF), especially when I'm hungry, When i came across the "alelover's" first brisket post... an i thought to myself why the heck havent i done one of these wonderful selections of meat yet... My girlfriend saw me drooling from the mouth while looking at his post and asked me what i was going to smoke. i told her we needed to take a trip to costco and see if they have any brisket. We found some and i was able to get a 4 pounder for $20. its expensive but i love this meat and im keeping my fingers crossed it turns out. So last night i made a rub of smoked paprika, granulated sugar, brown sugar, cumin, chili powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cocoa powder, garlic powder, and celery salt. tasted great before i put it on the meat so i can imagine what it is gonna taste like when its all said and done... anyhow. i then lathered the meat with a little worchestershire sauce and franks red hot sauce (Took place of a mustard) and rubbed her down with the rub. As of now she is in the smoker at 205 degrees (using a hickory/ mesquite mix 60/40). its been a little over 2 hours now and its getting close to foil time. my temp probe is correct too. the temp climb is slowing down now so im sure it'll b done around dinner time. i am gonna take her to 195. i will be placing some beef broth into the pan before i foil too. here is some qview for all that are interested in looking. i will post the later stage pics when i get there. and of course i wont let you all down and ill get that money shot. 

Pic of Flat in packing


Pic of seasoned flat


After resting in the fridge all night and before placing into smoker....


it was in the fridge in the glass container and transfered to the aluminum pan for the smoker... more pics to come in a while. Cheers
looks good can't wait to see the finished pics!!! Did you say that your only smoking at 205??and after 2 hours its close to foil????
The temp climb is slowing down... it's approaching the stall. Why only 205? Briskets like low and slow but 220 to 230 is a little more better imho.. Looking forward to the finished product..
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Well the meat looks fine so far now just get it into the smoker.
sorry i was talking to the GF when writing the original post. it wasnt close to foiling, in fact i foiled it about a half hour ago. i am smoking at 205 a few people who have cooked em said that was a good temp to do it at. real low and real slow... we will see how it turns out... who knows maybe next time it'll b at a higher temp. 
Ditto, Want to see the results smoking at 205. Will it get to 140 in 4 hours if it is probed or injected?
OK All,

Sorry for the ultra long delay in posting the rest of this smoke. Family troubles got the best of me and today is the first day i could get back. Anyhow, the results of the meal were completely OUTSTANDING for my first brisket. i was scarred that the meat was going to be dry and not so tastey since it was my first but myself and the GF absolutely loved it. along with it i made up some broccoli sauteed in butter and a little garlic, and also some rosemary gold potatoes. friggin' good. with the left over brisket i was makin brisket sandwiches for days after. best leftovers ive ever eaten. again i apologize for the delay so without further delay.... here's some qview! 

just before foiling i threw some beef broth into the pan...


it was foiled until about 1800 hours(6pm) when i pulled it out and let it rest for a while. then i threw it onto the chopping block and started slicing!


i didnt get the smoke ring that most get but its probably due to my GF liking a balanced taste of smoke to meat flavor. however it could b due to me not perfecting the TBS effect. it was good food regardless though. and for the final shot of what the plates looked like (unfortunately i have no shots of the sandwiches i made)....


GOOD EATS!!!! A Lot in part to this forum. Great inspiration here. Next up... My first chuckie!!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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