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Brisket- cooking, freezing- reserving

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by onthedeck, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. PART 1-I have been cooking the flat cut Briskets for a while, they are delicious! Yesterday we recently cooked the full briskuit, it was also terrific. My question is should you remove the fat before you cook it? or after you cook it? it seemed very fatty and i wasn't sure how to serve it. Any advice is welcome~!
    Oh, we smoked for 8 hours in a reverse flow convection wood burning smoker using OAK as the primary heat source at a temp of 220.
    PART 2-
    Alot of our cooking is for commercial catering. How do you preserve Brisket so that you can freeze and serve on a later date. Basically, if you have several events lined up, you can cook, flash freeze and then bring back up to temp and serve. What is the best way to do this with Brisket?
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    Part 1

    Personally I like to have fat in my brisket. But you are smoking it for a catering job so it's up to you and your customers. Maybe this is a question that you might ask them. For me I'm of the thinking that fat=flavor.

    Part 2

    It's easy to me FOOD SAVER system. It should be a most for your catering buss. I have one and use it alot. It's good to pre-smoke foods and then re-heat the day of. Now you can re-heat in many different ways I personally like to steam the meat hot. You can also use boiling water and just place the meat into some and let it re-heat that way.
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    Removing fat is up to you.

    If I get a whole Brisket, I don't think it would fit in my MES 30.

    I would remove the fat down to a 1/4", but no farther. I agree with Mark---Fat=Flavor.

    If I was going to reheat a lot, I would do the one way Mark says (drop a whole vacuum packed bag into boiling water). 

    Since I only reheat enough for me & Mrs Bear, I just Nuke what we're going to eat. Then Nuke some Au Jus, and we're good to go. Of course Mrs Bear had already gotten the veggies & taters ready!

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