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Brisket - 2nd time around


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Man, I think this piece of meat is jinxed. I smoked some beans yesterday in advance of smoking the brisket last night. The Yoder worked fine or the beans. But at 10:30 last night when I planned to start the brisket?


It kept dumping pellets into the firebox and smothering the fire. I took my propane torch and got it lit ... to my relief it's been burning all night with no issues.

So, here is the brisket when it hit it's stall. I wrapped it in pink butcher paper and put it back on.

Go 49'ers!!!!



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That is interesting. I don't consider myself a Yoder expert by any means but over the last 1 1/2 year's I've burned over a 1000 lbs of pellets & used the heck out of mine. I've cooked at least a dozen briskets on it. The only time I had an issue like that I was jacking with the temp settings and trying some other things (manually feeding pellets, eat....) things went haywire but in my case it was all self induced. I was afraid I'd done something to screw it up good but it's cooked like a champ since that one incident. Again, my issue was self induced but it was dumping pellets when it did it. wouldn't stop.

I can say the best thing I've found to work with my yoder is to set the temp and leave it alone. Had you made any temp changes when this started?

Looking forward to pics of your brisket - those never get old to me lol.
Niner's look tuff right now - good luck


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Those are some good looking beans and brisket! I may throw some beans on today with my pork butts.
(Sorry, I'm a Seahawks fan, but today I'm rooting for the Packers.)


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What a roller coaster ride this brisket has taken me on.

I put the brisket on the smoker Saturday night at 10:15pm, set at 275F. It hit a stall at 140F at around 5:30am on Sunday. At 7:30am I took it out, drizzled a little honey on it to get the pink butcher paper to ahear to it, wrapped it tightly, and put it back on the smoker. (that's the spike in temp on the graph) It stayed in the stall for the next 4 hours. Out of shear angst I increase the pit temperature to 350F thinking I could speed up the cook a little.

I was planning on bringing this over to my buddies house for the 49er's game, but it wasn't meant to be.

It kept on slowly, slowly cooking. I finally ran out of wood pellets at 10:15pm on Sunday.

24hours ... 40 pounds of wood pellets...

And it only made it to an internal temp of 195F before I ran out of wood.

I put it in a heater cooler under some warmed towels, and it is sitting across the room from me now. I can almost hear it laughing at me, calling me a weak, amateur cook, and that it won the battle of man against beast.

I'll get into it later today when I get home from work, and see if there is anything edible about it. I'll try to post pictures later.

Stupid brisket.


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Not a Yoder owner or expert by any measure...

24 hours and 40lb of pellets!! I think there is a serious problem...at 275 and with wrapping the time should have been close to half that. How big was the brisket? I havent used 40lbs of pellets through several cooks including all day briskets in cool temps. That is a TON of pellets!! Did you check the chamber temps with a secondary thermometer? Something's not right here...IMO


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How confident are you regarding the accuracy of the grate & IT temps observed?

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