Brick build

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How do you do that? Two empty chairs and no neighbors? Thats what I want to learn! LOL..

Looks like its going to be a beautiful day. And that smoker is really impressive.
LOL!  I'm with Kevin...   Hell,  it can be  4am, the neighbors 1/4 mile away smell the smoker firing up, hell I got beer by 7am!     LOL!   Awesome setup man!    I'm really glad your enjoying it!
So that last pizza was not quite crispy because I made it on the stone and put the cold stone in the oven/smoker. I needed to come up with a way to crisp it up. I took an aluminum strainer and cut the handle off to make a pizza screen. This time the stone went in and pre heated. Quite possibly the best pizza I've eaten. I had a back up plan though of wine &garlic marinated chicken.

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I like the build, my smokehouse seems like it will never get finished are you in the same boat.  It is looking good.
I'm waiting on a friend to build my steel door yet, but I've just been using bricks as a door for now. Other than that I'm done.
I got a little more done tonight befor the battery drill gave out. I have to drill some more holes, but I can choke it down to a portion of a 3/8" hole or open it up to wide open. I'm gonna keep drilling a wider pattern of holes the further the horseshoe is swung open. The shoe is tacked on the inside and a full weld around the outside, then ground down.

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I cut off and re made the door latch. It was wobbly because it was just a rod running through the steel door. I made a sleeve from some leftover tubing from the hinges and welded it to the front of the door. That gave the through rod some stability. I made a new T-handle for the latch and centered a horseshoe on it rather than hanging it from the top again so when the handle is pushed in against the spring it goes straight in without binding. The sleeve comes to about the third spring coil.
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