Bream & Shellcracker Fishing...

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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina something I haven't done in 15-20 years, but a friend asked me to join him and a buddy on a scouting trip. I didn't have a trip scheduled so I said sure, it'll be fun. Hadn't used my rods in so long the line was rotten and they were covered in dust. Cleaned them up, respooled, and off I went. Biggest thing I wanted to see was his LiveScope sonar in action looking for bream beds and this was a first for him, too. It did not disappoint. I wasn't sure what we'd see and only took the one pic, but here it is...

Very distinct beds and fascinating to see, the technology almost isn't fair. The biggest bed filled up the whole screen. Don't worry about the depth, with the way he had the transducer positioned, it wouldn't read. These were in 3'-5' of water. This was the 1st bed we found and caught a few from it. Found a couple more small beds, but then found a big one and unfortunately I didn't get a pic. Because this was a play day and we were scouting, we didn't fish any bed very long before moving on to find some more. But we ended up with a decent box of fish for not really fishing very hard, plus we didn't want to clean that many 😄...

Today sure was a lot of fun and hopefully it's not going to be that long before I get back at em again...
Now that's a great haul Charles!
My son went to the river last week and caught a nice mess so a fish fry is on order for soon.

I have heard some press about the LiveScope being used on the MLF and BASS circuit and sounds like changes may be coming for them.

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Work or play, a day on the water is always a good day Charles.

Checked my fishfinder, depthsounder the other day in the boat. G D tree rat, squirrel chewed the wires right at the ends.
Might be time for a new one.
Glad I had my chart plotter and the antenna and parts out of the boat.

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Those are bluegill sunfish correct? look like them to me? I have heard the term bream but not shellcracker?
Cliff, there are different fish in that photo and are closely related. Both are sunfish as are largemouth bass. Shellcrackers are red-ear sunfish. They got the name shellcracker because they eat fresh water clams by cracking the shells with their jaws. Bream are called bluegill or sunfish in some parts of the country...
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I have heard some press about the LiveScope being used on the MLF and BASS circuit and sounds like changes may be coming for them.
I've heard the same, but because there's so much money involved, I doubt much will change. Besides, everyone can use it plus the bass are released alive so no real harm done...
Looks like a fun day Charles. I strictly bank fish, but my wife goes out with her brother on the broad lake.

Point for sure
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