Breakfast of champions!

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Been another busy morning, working on the house generator, smoking Cajun sausage, trying to figure out what to do with the last of the ground pork. And watching and listening to the experts on Andouille.

So I stopped at lunch time, made a pan a biscuits and seasoned up with Pops breakfast seasoning some of the ground pork. A cup of Community Dark Roast and I am ready again. Breakfast links or boudin............. Hmmmmmm??

BTW I learned another valuable sausage hint last night. I have always rinsed and cleaned the casing the day before and allowed to sit over night in a bowl of clean water in the reefer. Last night I washed and rinsed then attempted to use the casing,  the same casing as I have been using on other sausages. Took forever to load the tube with them and then they got dry and sticky even though I oiled the tube and pan good before starting.

Note to self :: Always pull and clean the casing the night before when you season and mix the sausage.

WOOT The generator just came on , on auto, ran for 30 mins. and shut off.

/scratches that one off the list!

Well lunch is over back to the mines!
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LOL.. all my life I heard from my Pop about having to walk 5 miles barefoot thru the snow to go to school and 5 miles back in the evening and all he got if he was lucky was a cold left over biscuit without any butter and a little sorghum on it if he had been good and done all his chores. My grandma laughed when she heard the story too.

Hard to beat a good biscuit and sausage thought, yeah gravy would be nice but it kinda makes it sloppy to eat with your hands. When I was a kid walking 5 miles thru the swamp during the hurricanes in the snake ridden waters I just got and old cold biscuit, do idea what sorghum was....LOL

Its the perfect meal, not to big, not to little fits well in the hand and doesn't require heat or cold, it is easily carried and it tastes good.

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