Brazilian Steakhouse Sirloins

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Aug 25, 2017
I got a late start on dinner tonight. 4 -1lb Sirloins Jaccarded and marinaded in 2 packs of McCormick mix for 4 hrs, massaged every 30 mins or so. I add less water and and more red wine vinegar than the directions on packet. I really like this stuff. Cooked on the kettle with RO briquettes and a chunk of homegrown red oak. I heated up the marinade and added some on top after the flip. Pulled at 135* (sister is visiting) and the probed steak pictured rested to 146*. Had baked taters and yellow squash as sides. Didn't think to take any pics until done eating, hence only one pic.
They turned out very good for the short marinade, the Jaccard really helps with that.
Looks real good. I love that marinade too. Steve H Steve H told us about it last year, I got some and it's been in regular rotation ever since. Haven't tried it on Shrimp yet, that's next. Nice work.
Thanks for all the kind comments :

SmokinEdge SmokinEdge
It was actually quite tender though. (Joke)
chopsaw chopsaw
Every now and again my phone cooperates :emoji_wink:
MJB05615 MJB05615
Never tried it on shrimp. I really like their Mojito Lime on shrimp.
jcam222 jcam222
It's all the ThermoWorks doin'.:emoji_grin:
T TunaciousBBQ28
I agree, they have many that I enjoy.
sawhorseray sawhorseray
The aroma was driving me crazy on the grill, they couldn't get done fast enough.

My vintage Weber CI grate sears excellent. The bars are triangular in profile and sides flip up.
Meat on, rotate 1/4 turn after a few minutes, flip, rotate......

Sirloin looks great! The Brazilian steakhouse marinade is a good one by McCormick. I tend to grab a packet or two of their marinades each time I go to the store. They’re great to have around for a quick meal.
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pushok2018 pushok2018
xray xray
JLeonard JLeonard
SmokinAl SmokinAl
tx smoker tx smoker

Thanks guys. I haven't been posting much, summer - busy. But still been cookin'!

chopsaw chopsaw , JLeonard JLeonard :
Rich, I had one of those side/ cutting board/ tray! Cool...
That Weber CI grate is about 25 years old. It puts a Slamitocious Sear on meat after ~ 3-5 minute pre heat over the charcoal.
I also have a CI griddle that is the the same length and ~ 3/4 the width of the CI grate. The griddle sits nicely in the Weber rack in lieu of the grate.

I also have one of these corn and tater cookers. It sits atop a regular rack. The pic isn't of mine. Mine got put in a trash bag, mistaken as a Christmas wreath and stored in a shed after a move. Read -It's rusty.:emoji_angry:
Many a butt and racks of ribs were cooked in the center of it back in the day, whilst roasting taters and fresh corn.:emoji_thinking:

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Looks great Moto

Point for sure
Bearcarver Bearcarver
gmc2003 gmc2003

Thanks, Fellers.
I know you guys have felled trees...:emoji_deciduous_tree::emoji_laughing:
It was as tasty as it looks.
John, this marinade would be great with anything cooked on your Q.
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