Brand Thread?!?

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My Dad registered a brand years ago, also in southern Idaho. The design was an amalgamation of his initials, M and A, but I struggle to recall the actual design. We only kept a handful of cattle on the farm, and never had a branding iron made up after the brand was registered. I assume the brand registration has long since expired.
Raised beef cattle and sheep on the family farm in MN up to the millenium. No free ranging animals so nobody branded. Because it was a mix of pasture and crop land everything was fenced. Used to find barbed wire in the grass when mowing fence rows. $#*! Rented the pastures and he uses ear tags.

Neighbors have always watched out for each other even today with most farming operations 10-20x the size they were 30 years ago. There is a harvest bee every few years. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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