Bought a WSM 22.5" today - question on seasoning temp

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by dap9, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. I know the manual says you don't need to season it, but I found Harry Soo's page on how to season it and figured, what the heck...

    I filled the ring about 2/3 full using the minion method and with the vents wide open, it topped off at 519deg. Is that normal? I can't find anything citing close to that temp. I'm using my ThermPro dual probe thermometer which is pretty accurate - the Weber thermometer stopes at 350 and this temp "flipped" it.

    I'm not damaging anything am I? We're hosting Thanksgiving and I like the idea of being able to jack the heat up at the end of the cook to crisp the skin so hopefully this means I can do that.

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. gmc2003

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    You'll be fine. When I seasoned mine I didn't use the minion method I filled up the charcoal ring and spread a whole chimney full of lit coals on top. If you had added a few chunks of wood you'd be able to see where your leaking(door, lid) and how bad. I got lucky and my door doesn't really leak. Some people aren't so lucky. As far as crispy skin on the turkey, can't help you there haven't done one. I use my kettle for turkey's. Try it out on whole chicken and see if it works. I'm sure someone whose done a turkey will chime in with their results.

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  3. joe black

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    I really think the temp was a gauge fluke. That's REALLY high. As far as seasoning goes, just cook in it. The WSM is porcelain coated and doesn't require a typical seasoning. When the turkey is really close to being done, put a hand full of lump on top of your coals all let it catch good. Then transfer the turkey to the lower grate. That should crisp it up.

    Good luck, you will enjoy the WSM, Joe. :grilling_smilie:
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    I've had my WSM north of 500F.  Will it happen often?  Nope.  I've seen it when I have a full load of charcoal/wood in the ring, am smoking hot n fast (350F or a little higher for poultry), then I take the lid off to do something with the meat (insert probes, move meat/veggies around, etc).  If the lid is off for five minutes or more, all that air just stokes the fire.  When you put the lid back on, the temps can soar. 

    It won't happen as much with Kingsford Blue Bag, but it will still jump.  Temps can REALLY jump with lump and Royal Oak Ridge.  That doesn't mean that KBB is better.  It isn't.  In fact I've come to understand it is just about the worst briquette you can use in your smoker, and that's after using it for decades.  Kingsford has changed the formula, making it less dense so it burns up faster so you use more.   

    Royal Oak Ridge is a denser briquette that will maintain temps steadily once the smoker is balanced (air-heat-fuel).  RO Ridge has just about made my BBQ Guru obsolete, and I smoke between 145-165F (jerky) to 350F (poultry).  If you add more air though, it gets hotter. 

    Get a bag of KBB and a bag of Royal Oak Ridge and try it for yourself.  You'll see the difference. 

    BTW, the gauge that came with the WSM works okay for a while, then it gets sticky, especially if left out in the weather.  When you see that happening, pick up a $15 2" River Country adjustable thermometer and a 9/16" drill bit ($5-10).  Drill a bigger hole in your lid and the original therm housing.  Only takes minutes.  The RC therm is dead on accurate.   
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    Not to mention royal oak briquettes are, like, 5 dollars a bag!

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