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Boudin Time!!! Step by step...and pics.- recipe added

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by indaswamp, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. See the link in my signature for Andouille.. It is a very, very coarse ground, heavily smoked sausage in 2" beef middle casing.
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    Inda, looked at your recipe for andoulle but grinding and stuffing was not w/recipe unless you added later and I haven't seen it
  3. My mistake. I did not know you were looking for a recipe. I sent you to that link so you could see the difference between boudin and andouille.

    For Andouille, I grind the meat through either the 3 hole kidney plate or a plate with (5) 3/4" holes. I'm sworn to secrecy on the family Andouille recipe otherwise I would print it here for everyone. 120lbs. of andouille was made weekly for use in the little restaurant and occasionally sold to the pubic.
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    Thank you
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    Inda- after checking my sausage books I found a recipe for Andouille, not sure of its authenticity but it should be Ok. Thnx again. Gwanger
  6. If the ingredient list has more than just black pepper, cayenne, garlic, salt and maybe thyme (if you are going creole style) it is not authentic. Nothing else is added in the spice profile.
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    Thanx Inda, I will look
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    When I was working in a butchershop, the butcher would grind the leave the skin on the pork, and grind it through.... as well the tongue, only removing the bone, leaving the "Cilia"(?).

    When I was tutoring a friend on what little I know about sausage making, I noticed he would remove the skin.
    I told him to try one batch with it on and just grind it to save time.
    You could NOT tell the difference in taste, but the texture was only affected by how well the sausage stayed together.

    As for this recipe of Boudin, could you make it without casing it? Make it in loaves just like traditional head cheese?
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    Inda-my recipe for Andoulle, garlic,gr. bay leaves ,onion,s&p,cayenne,chili pepper,gr.mace gr.cloves,allspice,marjoram is this authentic, I got from a sausage book that I use frequently.
  10. Yes you could leave it loose. I do this sometimes when serving the boudin as an appetizer with crackers and creole mustard. Really, if you make a loaf with it, you basically have head cheese with the addition of rice in place of pork skins. Both are pretty much the same, except head cheese has no rice and a lot more skin for gelatin and the meat is left in chunks instead of coarsely chopped.

    *edit to add: Boudin also has the addition of pork liver which head cheese does not have.....
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  11. No. Not authentic. You can leave out the clove, all spice, marjoram, chili powder. Those spices are not traditional in cajun andouille sausage but may be seen in some French or German andouilles-which are totally different. Both French and German andouille is made from pulling the chittlerings and organ meat scraps through casing and it is highly seasoned, smoked and served thin mainly as an appetizer. German recipes use a whole lot more tripe and chittlerings than organ meats.

    Bay leaves could maybe be used in some cajun recipes though I have never seen any local recipes with bay leaf included.
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    Inda thnx for reply
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    needs to be on the Carosell folks...great job I like it !
  14. Thanks hoity toit!
  15. Awesome Lookin Boudin! One of my favorites, could eat it anyway possible...fried boudin balls and a grilled link with creole mustard is my favorite. Nice Work!
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    Whats a sub for MSG? Sea salt?