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Discussion in 'Pork' started by dfbourg, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. dfbourg

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    Morning fellow pitmasters. I have the smoking bug. This is the 3rd weekend in a row that I'm throwing some meat on the grill. Today I will take a shot at Boston butts and will also for the fun of it do some of the bacon wrap chicken on a stick. The butts are kind of on the small size both being right at 4# so I shouldn't be out here all day and should have need no for foil since I have time. But I do have a question. When I pull the butts off should I wrap them in foil then along with the towels a place in a cooler? Any advice is appreciated and welcomed. Thanks.
  2. daveomak

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    Drake, morning...  Giving meat a long rest, seems to help with the tenderness...also helps with the moistness...  It is always a good idea...  foiling and wrapping with towels and placing in an insulated box, like a cooler seems to be the easiest....   

  3. dfbourg

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    Thanks Dave. Wasn't sure if it would affect the bark by wrapping after pulling it off. This is my first time so I wanted to see what all the hype is with the bark. I'm holding a steady 235* so I guess that is a good range to be in.
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    Hi DF.  What Dave said is right on though I only give mine about an hour rest in foil for about an hour before pulling and they turn out great.  The coolers and towels are typically used when you want to try and keep the meat hot for later in the day.

    Hey...don't forget the q-view, cause


  5. daveomak

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    Drake, foiling will soften the bark....  Don't know how to overcome that part of the prep....  moist tender meat, to me, supersedes good bark....

  6. I like to rest a butt in a disposable foil pan uncovered on the countertop half an hour or so and pull by (gloved) hand.  I don't wrap a butt on the cooker or afterwards because bark is important to me.  I've found that they are still moist and tender on the inside doing this many, many times.  I recommend trying it both ways and seeing how you like it which in the end is all that really matters.
  7. I will place on smoker for the first few hours, then I like to wrap after the first three hours, I'll place it in the pan that I had it sitting in overnight with the left over injection, then unwrap for the last 2 or three hours. Then after cooking I like to wrap it back up in the pan and let it set for a few hours and let it suck back in the juices as it cools in a cooler. It is still real hot after the few hours sitting. It usually will pull apart extremely easy and very very moist. The bark is a little less crisp but the moist tender meat makes up for it.
  8. dfbourg

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    Thanks so far from everyone. I have 2 butts so I do have the option on doing something different with each one and comparing to the 2. First pics so far. The butts have been on about 1 1/2 hrs so far and just threw the bacon wrap chicken on.
  9. That's a great idea.  Looks like you're on your way to a feast!  Those chicken skewers look like a great idea as well!
  10. Looking good! You're gonna eat well tonight  [​IMG]   Bacon wrapped chicken is always a good choice too  [​IMG]
  11. dfbourg

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    Update on the Q so far. Everything looking good so far I guess. We had a lil storm come through and had to bring the pit under cover. One butt is at 154 and the other at 138 after 3 hours
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  12. dfbourg

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    Update on butts, been almost 8 hrs so far. Right at 190*. Thought since they were only about 4# a piece I would have been through by now but no big deal, the fridge has plenty of beer.
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  13. They'll be ready by supper.  By-the-way, I seemed to have misplaced my invitation for sammiches, can you re-send?
  14. dfbourg

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    Bama I resent that invite.

    Well after over 9hrs the butts finally reach the point where I was able to pull it off.

  15. daveomak

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    df, looks good to me.....  I can't get there in time so don't bother re sending my invite .....LOL     Dave
  16. That looks tasty..  Did you end up wrapping up one in foil / towels and leave the other in the pan?  Also, how did the chicken come out?
  17. Looks good, worth the wait I'm sure.
  18. kathrynn

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    Look yummy!  Like the chicken idea too.

  19. dfbourg

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    Pier I did wrap one and left the other out. Taste and flavor wise didn't notice really any difference. The one I left out you could tell the outer edges were drier but the inside was still juicy. The chicken on the stick was the hit especially with the kids. I think I even preferred it but what do you expect, it was wrapped with bacon and that makes everything better.
  20. Looks like the butts came out great!   [​IMG]   & yes - bacon improves everything it contacts  [​IMG]

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