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Discussion in 'Beef' started by olmy, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. I just recently bought a quarter cow and had it butchered. When I got it back all cut up I had two bags of bone with marrow cut up into manageable pieces. I have heard marrow is delicious but I am looking for any ideas on how to prepare or what I could possibly add this  to as I have never done so. Any ideas or suggestions?


  2. reinhard

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    Marrow bones are great for soup stock, which is mainly what they are used for.  I have also used them in beef stew as flavoring.  It is the marrow that give out the flavor.  If you have a dog, they will love it when you are done with it, and will be treasured by your dog. Well looking at the avatar you have a fine looking dog just ready for it.  Reinhard
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    Once while in Scotland in the service, we went to a fancy steak house/pub?. I know, figured we'd get mutton too, but they roasted these short pieces of what looked like femur bones. That is some totally awesome stuff. I can't tell you exactly how to do it, I suggest you look on the web. But that is way too good to give a dog! Give him the bones after you get the marrow!
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    Marrow bones [center cut] are sold here for over 2 bucks a pound.  I remember when we gave them away.  They are also part of a shank steak that are used for soups and stews. That small center of marrow is terrific for flavor.  The bone-in arm roast also has a nice marrow bone.  Very few markets that i see still sell bone in pot roasts.  Most have gone to boneless cuts.  Foam---as a kid i used to suck out the marrow from the bones when my mom was done with them. Most of it dissolved during the cooking process. I bet that marrow tasted good when you had it for sure.  Reinhard
  5. I second Foamheart's comment. Alot of the more progressive fine dinning restaurants are now serving bone marrow as the decicacy it is throughout the rest of the world. Best prep I've had is just placed wider side down in a higher rimmed baking dish or roasting pan @ 450F for about 20 mins. Scoop it out onto some crusty French bread slices with either S&P or a salad of chopped parsley,shallots, capers, evoo, and a little lemon juice. The texture is a little much for me but the rest of my group raves about it. Good luck
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    As Johnduoh said its tasty roasted. Even better smoked then roasted.

    My all time favorite thing to make with marrow bones is Pho.
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    I agree. The marrow smeared on a  baguette, sprinkled with a little coarse sea salt, and topped with a little of the parsley salad is the classic presentation, and it's wonderful. Sometimes I'll add some chopped anchovy to the salad. On some occasions I'll serve the marrow on a baguette with garlic confit or roasted garlic. Onion marmalade is another good option.

    For a real treat mix some of the roasted marrow and parsley salad with mashed potatoes. Or, spread some of the same on a steak, chop, or even a hamburger as a condiment.

    It's all decadent, and it's all good.
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    Just adding my enthusiastic agreement with the preparations mentioned above. Also, you can make a compound butter by mixing in the roasted scooped-out marrow with softened butter in whatever proportion you find tasty. Then use saran wrap to make little rolls of the compound butter, and you can store them in a freezer bag in the freezer to have on hand for tossing with pasta, with mashed potatoes or root vegetables, etc.

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