Blazing Burn Barrel

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Aug 25, 2017
I empty one of these drums about every 45 days or so, I have a steady supply. Needed a new burn barrel and this was the result.
Tacked expanded metal to inside/tacked outside too. Still need to make an elevated grate to sit in bottom.


Inside view.

I'll have to get you a number . Raining right now . I think the cook grate is over 100 bucks new. Just fyi . They have an inverted truss underneath to support the span .
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21 3/4 " That's a tight number .
This is something I did for a different reason , but might give you an idea .
Yeah, too tight. Thanks for the effort, I figured it would be close to what I wanted.
Your example is spot on :emoji_thumbsup:
Nice to have a supply of 55 gal drums!
Maybe you could turn it into a business, making UDS’s.
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