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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by big archery nut, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Here are some pics of the unit almost completed. Just a few minor things to finish then make any fine tuning adjustments. Ran a couple of racks of ribs through it and they were tasty.

    Fan and drip pan view.

    1500 watt heating element and separate compartment for AMNPS. I also installed a small metal funnel which is up front that goes out the bottom to a pan for catching grease.

    200 cfm fan for circulating heat, smoke and for dehydrating jerky. I have it on a speed control to vary speeds. The motor is located out the back.

    Access door for the AMNPS

    Fan motor outside on the back. Still need a cover for it.

    One of two top vents. May not have needed both but they have dampers so I can control heat and moister as needed.

    Ribs with Jeff's special rub ready to go.

    Finished product. Very tasty!

    All in all a success. I need to replaced the fabric hi-temp gasket material around the door with silicon type. The apple juice I sprayed on the ribs made it stick to the door and tear apart. Still playing with temp adjustment. The probe for the controller is just under the top rack. I have ordered a Maverick ET-732 so I can monitor the heat at the level the meat is and adjust my controller for that.

    I may put a heavy steel plate above the heating element so the stainless drip pan does not get so hot and burn the grease drippings.

    Will be using it at home and at our vacation property where there is no blacktop or concrete. so I'm adding 10 wheels so I can roll it over the ground. Other than that I think she is almost complete. Not bad for a free blanket warmer.

    Any other suggestions are welcome.


  2. daveomak

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    Everything looks good.... from the smoker to the ribs.....   

  3. You did an outstanding job and the ribs look great!
  4. Thanks guys for the nice comments. Been out of the smoking business for quit a few years but excited to start up again. Didn't have the Internet years back when I first started so it was learn on your own.

    Did a lot of smoked fish so excited to get those going.

    Take care,

  5. Bill,

    Can you get me some info on the 200CFM fan, I'm really wanting to add one to my new SS Hospital cart smoker...I think air circulation is key for even temps and drying?


  6. dward51

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  7. Brett,

    I bought the motor through the "". Find the page for shaded pole motors or try this link. They have many different sizes and shaft lengths. Very fast turn around time. I bought the fan blade from Grainger but you can find them elsewhere on the internet. . The fan is 3000 rpm with a1/4" shaft and I think 2-1/2" long to get through the double thickness of the blanket warmer. I smoked some wings this weekend and found with the fan on a medium speed made the temp consistent throughout the smoker vs a differential of almost 30 degrees with it off.

    Let me know if you need any other info.

  8. Thanks..I'll peruse and order!
  9. BAN,

    Would you mind sharing with me how to make the fan multiple speeds? Some on the fan's website have 2 speeds, but the shafts are not long enough? Can you give me your fan's model number?


  10. jirodriguez

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    Nice build! ..... and great looking ribs to boot!
  11. Brett,

    Go to the link I posted above and I bought the model K612. It is a 3000 rpm fan with a 1/4" diameter shaft and is 2.7" long. Plenty of length to get through the 1" thick wall of my smoker. It's a single speed motor and I'm using a three speed fan control. It's a slider type with a rocker switch for on & off.  Hard to find a full range speed control nowdays. Bought that at Menards. I bought the fan blade from Grainger but you can find them on the internet.

    Ant other question feel free to ask.

  12. Thanks for the compliment. Excited to get trying some fish soon.
  13. Thanks BAN!

    Mines operational, but I have yet to smoke anything in yet! I've seasoned it a few times for a few hours, seems to function okay, but huge temp swing between upper rack and lower rack?!

    Next week I plan on some smoked sausage and jerky!?

  14. Brett,

    Have you installed a fan yet? The fan keeps my temps pretty uniform. I put one sensor from my controller towards the top and one from my thermometer half way down. I can then monitor the temp and choose what fan speed makes the temps even.

  15. pmush

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    WOW!  That thing looks great.  I am just starting turning a two door glass freezer into a smoker.  I am concerned about circulation of the heat and have been looking for some sort of fan that could handle the heat.  Any chance of getting an update of how yours has held up and a name and model number of what you have?
  16. pmush,

    Thanks for the compliment. I have done a couple of modifications to the unit over the summer and it's working great.

    The fan is a great addition to the smoker. As you can see in the pics the motor is mounted outside so the heat does not bother it. The temp inside is pretty uniform from top to bottom which helps on cooking multiple levels of product. If you check post number 8 on this thread you will see the link to where I bought my fan and post number 11 has the info on the model and specs. About all I have to finish is a fan motor cover and an adjustable grate on the bottom for the air inlet.

    I added another heating element so I have one 1000 watt and one 500 watt element. I have each one on its own switch so I can add or adjust heating amount as needed. This helped out on colder days.

    Good luck with your unit and would like to see some pictures. If you have any other question just post on this thread.

    Take care,

  17. pmush

    pmush Newbie

    Thanks Bill!

    Sorry I missed reading the info on the posts referenced.  I was too into the pictures I guess.  LOL
  18. BAN,

    I went ahead and bought my fan and blade from W.W. Grainger. It levels everything out perfectly...heat/smoke! I've smoked about 20 different times in my build and the consistency and quality is nothing short of amazing. The only issue I've had was I burnt out my SSR, which I quickly replaced and it's been running great once again!

    I concur, the fan makes a HUGE difference!

  19. Brent, sounds good. They sure do help with uniform heat and smoke.

    Glad to hear your build is working great for you.

    Happy Smoking,

  20. Man, That's a nice looking smoker and those ribs look great !


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