Blackstone Griddle has arrived!!!

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Steve H

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Feb 18, 2018
Newark New York
These are really nice when camping. Much less clean up. Not really $$ either. Or. Just line the drip bucket with aluminum foil. Same out come.

JC in GB

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Sep 28, 2018
Green Bay, WI

Already done... Already learned that lesson from my Webber grill. Thanks...

JC :emoji_cat:
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Dec 23, 2017
Crawford AL
That is a good idea, especially with a wood handle that does not get hot. you should be able to make multiple sizes. Doing this today.

You might have to add a couple of nuts between the handle and the bowl (as seen in the pic) depending on the style of the cabinet pull...the one I used was apparently designed to account for the thickness of the cabinet material.

Fueling Around

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Dec 10, 2018
FL winter, MN summer
Oh oh. The last time I mentioned cheese whiz on a Philly cheese steak. I darn near got tarred and feathered! :emoji_laughing: Waiting to see the first run on your new griddle!

Never had one with cheese wiz....would not be my preferred cheese

I've had them this way. As long it's a small amount it is really good.
I've had them in places claiming "authentic". They us the whiz as more a mayo than as the cheese. Still had gobs of melted provo.


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Jan 29, 2021
Is the conversion difficult? I have plumbed gas line before so I may want to put an outlet for the griddle. The problem I have is sometimes I wonder if there is a maximum number of gas devices you can use at once. I have a gas stove, on demand water, heat, clothes dryer. I fear that one day I will open a gas valve and everything will go out. :emoji_astonished: :emoji_laughing:

JC :emoji_cat:
Changing them was easy enough, the kit came with the orifices and so long as you are relatively careful, it's a reasonable job. In my case, I only have my 2 pellet grills and and old gasser that I no longer use, so the line I had running under my deck will be used for the Blackstone.
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Feb 25, 2018
E Tn
A couple of beers a cheap stainless bowl and a deer horn, redneck me didn’t have a drawer pull but had some horns and a drill 🤣


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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
They put out really nice light. Ann hates them. Every time I turn to talk to her. She gets blinded.
And I'm right there with her . Lol . At some point these became a G.C.'s answer to job site temp lighting .

Used my Blackstone again last night . A couple lids are a must have . I have one made for a Flattop , and this one from a wok . If you're making one from a bowl , look at the single wood knobs .
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