Black Ops Salumi

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Dec 25, 2010
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Black Ops.....Just what I call it.



Wife is doing the mixing, I said lets use the mixer......nooo

Full mix.

Stuffed into 50mm UMAi. And in the proofer for fermenting at 74*

Pork shoulder 100% 2kg
HC Black seasoning 5% 100g
Pink salt #2 0.25% 5g
Dextrose 0.3% 6g
Bacteria BLC-007 0.022% .44g
Distilled Water 1.5% 34g
Hitching a ride myself! I really dig these kind of projects!
That falls under the Willy Wonka secret
That looks like it's gonna be good. I did a black garlic & squid ink salami, people love it.
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Indeed. HC Black is listed in the recipe.
I got a 3 pack of HC and I tasted the RED and it so salty, not sure if I can use it.
Anywho BGKYSmoker BGKYSmoker I use those tubes as well and really like them.
Very creative way to use the rub.
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