Birthday party mid-cook on brisket

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Sep 4, 2021
Thank you for having me as a newbie! I'm mid-cook on a brisket and I have to go to a grandchild's birthday party in 2 hours. Apparently a potentially great brisket is no excuse for missing a party.🤷‍♂️
Here's where I'm at. The brisket smoked up to 170 and I then wrapped it tightly in paper and it's now in the oven at 225. The current temp is 184 and it may not be done by the time I have to leave in 3 hours. Can I turn it off for a few hours and pick it up later or should I lower the oven to 175 and leave it there until I return?
Who the heck schedules a grand kids birthday on a brisket cook day!?!?!?!? LOL. Happy birthday to the little. And look forward to seeing pics of the finish cook.

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I did a 15 lb yesterday. Put in 325 oven at 165 and done in about 3 hours. End up 207 before passed the probe test. Turned oven off and left door open 5 minutes couple times to take some haet out and brisket still at 185 3 hours later. Was late so just put in fridge. Will slice this afternoon.
Welcome to SMF from Indiana!
I guess you could set it at 175 to 200, but being the paranoid that I am I would probably turn the oven off while I'm away from the house.
If you DON'T OPEN THE DOOR the oven will stay hot a long time and you will be able to enjoy the party without thinking constantly of that brisket at home.
You can crank up the heat when you get home.
Happy Birthday to her :-)
Your oven likely has the 'timed off' feature, where it will turn off after a set time. If you return and it's still tight, just turn it back on until it tenders up.

PS, I've used the "... but I've got some stuff on the pit" excuse for so many things I've lost track.
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