Birthday Meal For Pa - Pulled Pork, Bread, Salt, Big Bellas, & Cookie Cheese Balls

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Sep 20, 2012
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So.... Tomorrow is my dad's birthday & I decided to have him & my mom along with both my grandmothers come eat some good food. My dad REALLY likes my pulled pork so I decided to make that for him. It was a close fight between the butt & a brisket but in the end the butt won out - the meal is for my dad & that's his favorite so... Yup...

Here is the butt I started with - it's an 8 lber

Gave it a nice coating of rub

& got a screen of salt ready.

By then the MES was warmed up & ready to go. Here is the butt in the smoker along with the salt.

Smoker temp is 225      AMNPS with hickory & apple pellets       dry chamber        no foil

I have my dessert figured out but need to decide what else to make with this. I will probably bake some bread in the morning too.

Updates to follow...
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SB, your gonna have some happy guests !! That'll be a treat, enjoy the food and the company ! Also tell your Dad :BD: Have a good one...

SB, your gonna have some happy guests !! That'll be a treat, enjoy the food and the company ! Also tell your Dad
Have a good one...

Thanks man - I plan on making sure there is plenty of good food for everyone & look forward to having the family together 

Rolls are done.

So is the bread. The loaf on the right is kinda funky looking for some reason - I'm gonna blame that on me 

Made a small batch of sauce in case anyone wanted any...

Steamed some broccoli too.

& here is the butt just out of the cooler - piping hot & smells good enough that it was making mouths water 

Starting to pull - it's very tender 

Very moist - juicy juicy!

First Sammy on a fresh roll.


I have more stuff to cook yet & I'm gonna visit with my family - great day so far! 

Updates to follow...
Your a lucky man to spend time with your family and they are lucky to have a meal like that.


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