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Original poster
Dec 21, 2010
Decided to try for some pulled pork.  Since getting my Smoke Vault I have tried brisket (a tad dry but good), chicken (good but not outstanding), beef ribs (incredible), and pork chops (best I have ever eaten).  So this time I decided it was time for pulled pork.  I do want to try the brisket again now that I am getting the hang of it.  The Smoke Vault makes it so easy.  I was up to temp in about 2 minutes and had it balanced out within 20 minutes. 

I decided to brine it all day instead of just the rub.  Not sure why, I just did. Although I forgot to reduce the salt content of the rub but I love salt anyway so hopefully it will work out.  I will try it without brining next time for a comparison. I threw it in the Vault at about 10:00 hoping to have it ready for lunch tomorrow.  I am using hickory and mesquite, may switch to oak or apple later since both of those are pretty dominant.  Got it at 225 degrees.



I went ahead and used some mustard since I was just rubbing it and throwing it on the smoker as opposed to wrapping it overnight.


I forgot to take a pic before I rubbed it down.  Its 11: 30 pm right now so I got my maverick set to alarm me.  Next time I put in some wood I may try to catch some z's.  Plan is to get it to 160 and then foil it to 205.  Depending on the time, I may throw it in the oven after I foil so I don't have to think about the Vault temp. 

Wish me luck.  WIll post progress.
Looking good so far, that finishing sauce is great stuff, after I got it up to temp in foil, I would leave it foiled and wrap it up in a couple of towels and let it rest in a cooler for a couple hours, it seems to mellow it out just right, then use the finishing sauce on the pork after it is pulled but use it sparingly.  Looks great so far, so don't forget the money shot and other Q-View photos!

Your SMF Friend,

Already planned on both of those ideas. Got the finishing sauce recipe from this site. I think I got it timed right for a couple hours in the cooler before eating. It's 3 am right now and it's at 147 degrees. Going a little quicker than I expected but maybe it's about right. That maverick dual probe wireless is a lifesaver. Allowing me to sleep a little between adding wood.
Reached 160 at 5:30 am.  Wrapped it up and threw it in the oven at 225 so I could get some sleep.  Here it is before I wrapped it.  Will let you know when its done.

So much for the oven. My dang maverick alarm kept going off and getting me up. Didn't know my oven had so much temperature swings. Ended up putting it back in the Smoke Vault. Since then it has been at 233 for the last couple of hours. I don't think it has varied by more than one degree. I love this smoker! Meat is at 190 so shouldn't be long before it goes in the cooler.
I like a saying that has been around here for a long time and it works well for me

If it starts in the smoker it finishes in the smoker. 

Looking good and I bet it is going to taste great too
Wow!  I didn't think it would be THIS good on my first try, but man it was incredible.  A true testiment to this site since I new nothing before joining and made this incredible pulled pork on my first try.  Thanks to every member for a great meal!  It was on the fire for 13 hours to get to 204 when I yanked it.  In an ice chest for 1 hour.  When I dumped it into the pan it fell apart.


The bone lifted right out with no resistance.


Is that a smoke ring or what?  What a beauty!


Very moist and flavorful


Pulled it apart and added some of Jeff's finishing sauce.  Great stuff.


Threw it on some buns with Sweet Baby Ray's and devoured.  My boys really tore into it.


Thanks again to everyone for all the good ideas.  I hope I can return the favor.
That's some sweet looking PP there Dog. Now you've raised the bar pretty high on your first try. Awesome job buddy!!   
Looks great!!

The "how to" on pulled pork here is perfect.

I didn't see any slaw on them sammies.....

 Have fun!!

Dog, now that is some good looking PP, loved your Q-View with what you were doing all along the way, looks like it turned out perfect!  Be proud of yourself and now on to smoking something else!  What did you have in mind for your next project?  Remember, we're here to help with anything so just let us know what's next.  Now you can sit back and take a deep breath!

Your SMF Friend,

No slaw on that this time although I was craving it. Not really a south Texas thing to put it on although I like it after having pulled pork with a guy from tennessee. Not sure on my next project but am eager. I will revisit the brisket when I am ready for another all nighter. Maybe a turkey breast. Next time on a long smoke I will ask the neighbors if they want to throw anything on. No point in wasting open racks if I am going to be up.
There is one think you are missing and its a critical thing. THE SLAW!!!. I cant even eat PP anymore without some good coleslaw to go with it. That creamy crunch is just the perfect topping. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.