Big Difference - GOSM vs. Smoke Hollow

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Jan 2, 2011
Hey gang!

Well, I've been running for about a year with my Smoke Hollow 38" verticle propane smoker.  I was pretty content - my only complaint was that the chips did not burn evenly.  The chips on the bottom center burned, but the ones around the edges and on top would hardly burn.  I contacted the manufacturer about it - they said to stir the chips every so often while smoking.  I tried it, but it did not seem like a very good answer.  I was looking into ordering a different chip box when I came across a good deal locally on GOSM 3605GSS smokers.

I bought two of them, and assembled one of them last weekend.  I did a virgin smoke on Sunday morning of two large pork shoulders. Immediately I noticed a huge different in the smoke being produced.  The chip box would go thru a full box of chips in about 90 minutes or so.  The chips uniformly burned and the smoke produced was tremendous.  

I attribute the difference not to the chip pan, but rather the two air dampers that are at the bottom of the unit.  They allow enough oxygen to flow at the burner area to allow the chips to burn.  The Smoke Hollow only has an air damper at the very top of the 38" box, so there is not enough air getting to the bottom.  The only way to let air in would be to open the door, but then you lose all of you heat as well.

I hope Smoke Hollow will add the air dampers on future units.  I really liked my Smoke Hollow smoker otherwise, but now that I've experienced the difference I can never go back (in fact, I just sold the Smoke Hollow today to a friend).

Here's another endorsement for the GOSM smokers.  However, not all GOSMs have air dampers on the bottom, so I would temper my recommendation to those that do have them.

Happy smokin' all!
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Hello, I just purchased a Smoke Hollow from a local Academy sports and it has the Air Dampers at the bottom.. 2 of them on the sides the one at the top on the back... I have noticed it leaks ALOT of smoke though...
This is more for the others who have smoke hollow's:  you could always retrofit some vents to the bottom sides.

Sure can

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