Big Block Finally Got here

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May 27, 2006
Danbury, Ct.
Well I didn't think It would ever get here..but today was the day...have it all put together...seasoned...and just had to do a meatloaf, and baked potatoes...everything turned out great...thanks for all the helpful hints..didn't have to get an ez-up..the rains finally stopped...going to try to put a few pics up also..
Don't know what's on the menu for tomorrow..



That's a pretty site....ain't it?!!!!

We're like kids at Christmas when we get our new Smokers!!!! LOL!!!
Mine came a couple of months ago as a back-up unit, I've been pretty pleased with it thus far. Don't forget to buy a cover for it, they make one specifically for the Big Block. Proper care and cleaning will ensure it lasts for years to come!

Congratulations on your new toy! If you enjoy yours half as much as I enjoy mine, you'll be very pleased. And By the way, I like your arrangement of the small table on top to keep your thermometers on. Good idea!
Jeff ...Florida Bill... thanks....I sure am having fun with easy to use...I'm very happy with it...I found a cover for it on epod2000, and orderd that last night...right now I have an old grill cover on it...The little table on top...well that is actually a feeder I made for a couple of chipmonks I have out in the got commissioned into service as a temp guage holder when I reallized the cords on them wouldn't reach to the table I was using for my other char-briol smoker ...will have to make up something else for the guages so Chippy can have his feeder far so good with it...did some chicken leggs tonight....came out great...the bride is even likeing everything thats been done in the smokers I guess they are here to stay...

Ok..thanks again

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