Big Beautiful Beef

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Are you sure that isn't a dessert plate John. That rib looks awfully big and juicy and delicious, and barked perfectly. Those Burnt ends look great also.

Point for sure

Appreciate it Chris! Lol there was so much meat on that rib I could barely eat the burnt ends.
Thanks Charles! How long before you are back up and at it?
My first follow-up is Monday, Dec. 5. Will get the stitches out then and start rehab after that. Then I guess it depends on how that goes. I'm guessing maybe another 6 weeks after that, but hoping for less. Right now no driving or lifting anything with my right arm. I'm going stir crazy sitting around the house, but I do get out and walk. It's been aggravating trying to do things with my left hand and sleep in a recliner. But it'll get back to normal eventually, may be a new normal.

Thanks for asking, John...
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That looks fantastic! I would be stuffed as well! Wife just made brussel sprouts last night...with onions in it, in a heavy cream sauce and topped with French's crispy fried onions, maybe not healthy but was good.

Look forward to your other cooks of gifts!

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Congrats on a well deserved ride! You nailed it, showing great skill and respect with a Very generous gift from a great friend! Points!
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Talk about beef overload John, the ribs and burnt ends look absolutely delicious! I’d be stuffed as well, but having the veggies on the plate just lets ya feel a bit less guilty. You done Robert proud!
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Wow buddy, you nailed it across the board. What an amazing spread and congrats on the ride. All of that looks amazing...even though I've been waiting a long time to see it :emoji_laughing:
First time dino ribs but won’t be the last
Those were not the Dino ribs. They were off a 103 sub primal rib section (read: prime rib). The Dino ribs are the chuck short ribs....which you have yet to showcase. Can't wait to see those.
Thanks again to my friend Bob

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