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  1. I'm debating on buying a food slicer and I was wondering which one would be worth buying that's around the $100 range.
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    Check Craig's list.  That's what I did and got a very nice one, still in the box, for $40.
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    I do know there is a big jump in quality between the smaller, plastic slicers (40-60 bucks) and the metal slicers with the larger blade (90-120 bucks)  Think about how much you will use it.  Even in the 100 dollar price range they can be kind of slow if you intend to slice large amounts of meat.

    Let us know what you find

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    I have found that you what yo pay for I would go with the closer to 100.00 slicers. I did find mine on E-Bay. They are old and work great.
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    I have a nice one from Lowes made by Waring pro. It was under a 100 and does a good job for what I need. It's no globe or berkel but it does good.
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    Not sure about this one.  It looks like the Warning Pro slicer I purchased a year or so ago, and I am not very impressed.  The gears behind the blade are nylon and the motor can't be removed (easily) for cleaning.  It does the job, but it isn't as easy like the all metal slicer I borrowed from a friend.  I think it was an older, all metal Nessco.  The old nessco would power through almost anything and the motor and blade was removable for cleaning...   Your experience might be different, just thought I would pass what I discovered.
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    If you buy a smaller unit like that you are going to want to partially freeze whatever you are slicing. I have a 20 year old Waring (for now) and that is the only way I can get thru an entire bacon slab without tearing it up 
  8. Good to know. I guess in this case I should buy local so that I can see exactly what I'm paying for. Thanks for the advice.
  9. that's my biggest problem there are a bunch of brands in the $100 range and I didn't know if one is a lil better then the other. I've looked on craigslist and everything is $500 or more or they are trying to get retail prices for the cheaper models.
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  12. Nice.. hopefully after xmas i will be buying a food slicer... im really wanting to start making my own roast beef and other random sandwich meats..
  13. Hate to bring an old thread back to life but don't discount "plastic" gears. You'd be surprised how many cars are running around with a plastic gear or two in the transmission. Some of the modern plastics are pretty strong and wear resistant.

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