Best Place to get ribs?

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by smoke-daddy, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. smoke-daddy

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    I got my last racks of St. Loius cut from BJ's.....big mistake.    Very thin/small and not much marbling.

    I've got a really good butcher about 20 minutes from me but he is super expensive.   I pay $9 per pound for Angus brisket from him.

    Are there any good places in between.   Big Y, Stop and Shop?
  2. I get most of my ribs at Costco.  They have 3-packs that are usually good size, meaty, and they come with the membrane already removed.
  3. gpb11

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    I've been getting decent spares from Kroger lately that have been quite meaty.  COV singles so its easy to pick and choose.  

    I have to trim to STL cut myself but that's pretty simple and provides some tasty snacks too.
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  4. I have also seen (and gotten) some of these from our local version of Kroger (called Fry's).  They are good and meaty.  However, they are not available consistently at a good price.  Every now and then they show up and I grab some.  At Costco, I can always count on the rib packs being there.
  5. gpb11

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    Fry's here is a very different place ( and the only edible stuff is in the Doritos and Coke genre.

    Kroger has them (spare & back) regularly and puts them on sale periodically.  When they do I'll grab some that are still frozen (or ask at the meat counter) and just keep them frozen at home.  Just did a couple racks this weekend that I'd bought a while back.

    I think I will try the Costco spares next time around.  I don't always want the extra stuff nor do I always want to take the time to do the trimming.  

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