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Before my Big Green Egg

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bob1414, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. bob1414

    bob1414 Newbie

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm getting the large Big Green Egg when I am permanently in Arizona - don't want to move it from South Dakota. For now, can anyone recommend a lower cost propane smoker? I am interested in smoking nuts, cheeses, fowl and probably making beef jerky. I know the lower end smokers (under $400) are thin and most likely poorly built but once I get my BGE I'll most likely not use it too much. I know about needing to easily access the pan to add more water and wood chips so 2 door is probably preferred so I don't lose too much heat and smoke. Any suggestions will be considered and read - also would like to know which propane smoker NOT to purchase! Another question is ... can any of these smokers produce if outside in a South Dakota winter? Not moving until next summer! The answer is probasbly "NO" but thought I'd ask.

    Thanks to anyone that has an opinion!

  2. redneck69

    redneck69 Smoking Fanatic

    propane smokers can be found just about anywhere..walmart, sams club, home depo, menards.....it all depends on the size and your personal preference on brand ...there will be many others to chime in on this with their opinions
  3. bob1414

    bob1414 Newbie

    Thanks! Yes, I know they're available in many stores. I hope to hear opinions and to know what to look for and what's recommended. We have all the stores you mentioned but I don't want to do the "star" system (going from store to store, back & forth, etc).

    For example, a separate door or drawer is preferred so one doesn't let all the smoke and heat out to reload the wook & water, right?

    But thank you again for your reply!! Have a nice weekend!
  4. Welcome to the forum. I don't have much experience with propane smokers, but I did use a masterbuilt 2 door once. It was July in Maryland, so again not much help. I liked it so much easier than my SnP . It made some nice pork butt. Goos luck.