Beets Recipe

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I just slice and toss with EVOO, balsamic, salt and pepper, wrap in a foil pouch and toss that on the cooler side of the grill about 20-30 min.
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I have roasted, sliced and pickled them for my wife in the past. They are much less mushy than store bought and she loves them.
I have never eaten a beet other than pickled. I didn't like them that way the first try and haven't liked them that way since.

Now, after seeing some of the ideas here, I may have to give them another chance.
Harvard beets are usually how I fix them. Kind of a sweet and sour playing off each other.
Beets taste like dirt to me and cilantro like soap. However I still seem to eat and enjoy them both. It’s kind of weird.
I like beets and grow quite a few. Not to mention they are really good for you….like beer and sausage.

I make refrigerator beets. I roast them in the oven and then make a brine w 1 c apple cider vinegar and 1c water, 1/3 c sugar along w peppercorns and pickling spices. Cook till mixed.

Put cooked and peeled beets in mason jar and pour brine over beets. They keep 6 weeks or so in the fridge.
Hi I'm David and I hate BEETS

I pickle a lot of things , but have not done beets, Mom and Dad loved them, and beet greens. and so does Mona for the beets.
Her sister makes them, and what a mess she has when doing. She now lives with us so if she makes them she will have to do them outside on the Coleman stove . Not in the house . Beets stain like crazy. lol

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