Beer can Chicken question

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I have done a few, but noticed that whatever amount is in the can when I start.....seems to still be pretty much the same amount when I have finished. In other words, where I thought the fluid would be flavoring the meat or kinda steaming the the inside, I really am wondering the point of the fluid if it does not seem to evaporate.
Do I need higher heat? I have used beer, root beer and wine. The chicken is always good, but I am quickly thinking of going back to my "Set it and Forget It" Rotisserie for future whole birds.
Flash...I believe the beer is not heated long enough to evaporate chicken is quite juicy and drippings would be entering the can also while cooking,thus adding to the fluid ,my .02 worth
Try using less liquid so it doesnt take as much to heat it. I only use about 1/4 of a can and I put a potatoe or onion in the neck hole to stop it up and heat the can a little before you put it in. You can set the can in the rack and put it on the grill until it is hot and then set the chicken on-My method
You know I never really thought about looking to see how much of the liquid had evaporate. I do know that I empty half the can out, (bulp, excuse me) and it always turns out juicey. As far as the "set it and forget" goes mine hasn't been used in some time.
Actually only two things sold on TV that were worth their weight was the Set it and Forget it Rotisserie and the Vacuum Sealer. Both were well worth the money.

Did a beer butt chicken yesterday. The can was half full (burp) starting and 3/4 full when the bird was done. It is the juices from the bird filling the can during cooking. BTW, I never put anything in the neck and it always comes out great. Yesterday's bird was outstanding, moist and falling off the bone. Sprayed it 4 times, used a cup of apple juice with EVOO added until 1/4" was floating on top, a shake of Worcestershire sauce and 3 shakes of Louisiana Hot Sauce. Shake it up well in the spray bottle and spritz away. Made the skin crispy. Got the temp. way up during cooking.
Beer butt chicken, one of my personal favorites - along with beer
My next use for this is when I finally break down and buy the peanut rotisserie for in it. Found them on ebay...Homemade roasted nuts!!!
I havent tried this but it might work. Open the beer, drink half real quick (oops) set in deep put and fill with water about half way up the can. Bring the water to a high heat and get it a head start, maybe when it starts to boil out of the can. This way when u put it on the 225 degree smoker, the beer is way ahead of the game. Idunno just a suggestion

I have found that my propane converted ECB turned up to about 300º does a great job in only an hour and a half. Always seems to be more liquid in the can at the end .... but the chicken is great!
I'm not big on beer can chicken - I prefer them brined on in Ron's Rotisery oven.

Besides 5 gallon kegs don't fit up a chickens butt.
I've never had a dry bird either way.

BTW - Ron Popeils spaggetti machines not bad either
Ron has some "unique" inventions fer shur... but does anyone remember the Popeils Pocket Fisherman? Wow... what a concept that was...
It's still around!

I bought several of his toys over the years including the pocket fisherman. When he first came back (after he went bankrupt) with the Spaggetti machine he called me and gave me two dehydrators and all the attachments and extra trays just to try the spaggetting machine and tell him what I thought - If I liked it I could pay only half the regular price for the machine and if I didn't I could send it back in his mailer box and keeps the other stuff for free. I liked it! Makes good bagels too.

My son was making spaggetti every other night when he was in high school.
Wow, that's pretty cool! I've never tried any of his inventions, plus I did not know he was still marketing.

So, this dehydrator is a good product? Please tell me more...
i perfer the dehydrators with white plastic sides......not clear........mtcw on that

we have his set it and forget it.......maybe try that, since it looks like you can't really smoke a beerbutt chicken

anyone remember the spray on hair for bald spots........he did a segment on merv or one of them thar talk shows........YEARS ago......

just told my age...........LOLOL

Aside from the can, I put the bird w/can in a small round pan/dish that holds beer. The beer in the dish will add flavor to the outside of the drumsticks, legs, thighs and wings. The beer in the dish will evaporate sooner than the can as there is more of it exposed to the heat. I learned this after about doing 6 birds w/just the can. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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