Beer can Chicken question

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Thanks for the information everyone.  I was just getting ready to post a similar question and figured I would search first. I have had my GMG Daniel Boone for about a month now and did 2 beer can chickens on it last weekend, had never done beer can chickens before on anything.  I emptied out at least half the beer, had the grill set at 235 till the chicken reached 150 then turned it up to 350 because I added a loaf of bread and potatoes to roast.  When I took the chicken off and pulled them off the can racks I swear the cans were even fuller than when I started, I assumed this was because of the grease and drippins flowing into the can and was wandering if it was normal.  Good to know this is common and pretty normal, and an added note the chicken was the best and juiciest I have ever had. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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